10 Awesome Road Trip Activities

Whether you’re hitting the road with your friends or with your family, road trips are an awesome way to create lasting memories. We loved playing I Spy and 20 Questions when we were younger, but that may not cut it anymore. We rounded up a new generation of free games and activities to keep you entertained on the road and help you create memories you’ll never forget.

The License Plate Game

Photo courtesy of energymatters.com

Photo courtesy of energymatters.com

Play as part of a team or try to complete it all on your own. From the time until you step into your car until the time your trip comes to an end, see how many different state license plates you can spot. Bonus points for any Canadian or Mexican license plate sightings!


Fun Facts


Photo courtesy of littlewolfblog.com

You’ll need a few pieces of paper and a hat or container of some kind for this game. Each person will write interesting or fun facts about themselves, one per piece of paper.Fold each and put them into said container. Once everyone’s facts are in, a take turns drawing a paper then reading aloud and all trying to guess who wrote that fact. Whoever can correctly guess the most wins.


A Traveler’s Scavenger Hunt

Photo courtesy of carlaschauer.com

Photo courtesy of carlaschauer.com

Before you take off, come up with a list of things that you might see during your drive. This list can include a bridge, motorcycle, school, cow, horse, boat, plane, etc. You get the picture! Be as creative as you want and see how many things you come across on your journey.


The Hot Seat

Photo courtesy of Johnny Scott

Photo courtesy of Johnny Scott

Everyone can participate in this one. Think of the Hot Seat as an interview game, where one person sits in the “Hot Seat” and has to field whatever questions are thrown at him in as fast a time as possible. Each interviewee is allowed to veto one question per person.


The Alphabet Game


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

This simple game is good for all ages. Throughout your drive, each person has to locate something that starts with every single letter of the alphabet. The first one to make it through A to Z wins. Play in the car or while you’re taking a pit stop.


The Movie Game


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Don’t let a breakdown ruin your road trip.

Get help now.
The perfect game for people who love movies, you need at least two people to play this one. The first person starts by naming either a movie, and the next person will have to name an actor/actress in that movie. From there, the following person will have to name another movie that the actor was in. The next person names a different actor in that movie, and so on and so forth. Keep score by awarding points to the person who stumps the other players.


Story Time


Photo courtesy of hellobeautiful.com

Driving on a road trip means you’ll see a lot of cars. Start by spotting a passing car, preferably one with more than one passenger. Everyone should get a good look (within reason). Once you’ve done that, create a backstory about them. They might have just won the lottery and are going to spend their winnings in Vegas. They might be on the run from the mob. It’s completely up to you. You can play to win by awarding points for the most creative story or play more free form and create the story as a group.


The Singing/Rapping Game


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

You could also call this one Rhyme Time. The first person starts with the saying a first line. For example, “I play ball at the park.” The next person has 5 seconds to come up with a second phrase that rhymes. A good response to this would be “Except when the sun goes down and it gets dark.” Keep going until you run out of rhymes or can’t stop laughing.


Make A Food Passport


Photo courtesy of uncommongoods.com

This yummy activity definitely gives you something to remember your road trip. Keep track of all the tasty food and new restaurants in a small notebook. Write down where and what you ate. Think of it as a food journal that will surely remind you of the fun times you had on the road. Add stickers, drawings or photos to take this tasty momento to the next level.


Start A Collection


Photo via Pinterest

Pictures are a great way to help you remember all the stops you made on your trip. But five years down the road, wouldn’t it be cool to look back at the miniature “Space Needle” you brought back with you from Seattle? Or the magnetic boot that you’ve hung on your fridge that you picked up in Texas? Creating a collection of things from your road trip is a great way to remember the awesome time you had traveling around from place to place.