What to do when your car runs out of gas

As aggravating as it is to need a tow or roadside assistance service, the only thing more aggravating is knowing that you could have avoided the situation all together. That’s the case for most drivers who run out of gas while on the road. But let’s face it, some of us are daring individuals, risking our sanity to get to where we need to be without having to refill.

If you’ve ever watched Seinfeld, you know Cosmo Kramer is someone who’s willing to live on the edge, evidenced by his unwillingness to get gas while driving a rental car.

And while Kramer can get away with almost everything, most of us aren’t always so lucky. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do if you run out of gas. So for the thrill-seekers, the limit-testers and everyone else who may have just forgotten to check their gas level and find themselves on empty, here’s a step-by- step guide that details what to do when you run out of fuel.

Get to Safety

If you still have some gas but are sure that you’re about to run out, pull over to the shoulder of the road. If you run out of fuel in the middle of the road, stay in your car while getting help. Make sure to turn your hazard lights on, put your car in park and use your e-brake.

Get Help

Back in the day, you might have left your car and aimlessly searched for the nearest gas station. With HONK, a new roadside service app, getting help is a breeze. If you don’t already have the HONK app, you can download it in seconds. Then simply open the app, select the “out of gas” tab, type in your location information, and confirm your order. On average, help arrives within 15 to 30 minutes.

Prep for Next Time

In case you run out of gas again, here are some things to prepare you in the future:

– Keep your phone charged (or even better, keep a charger in the vehicle). A charged phone is vital if you need to call family or a friend, find the nearest gas station or call for help

– Download HONK now to save time when you need to use it

– If you’re going on long road trips, consider keeping a container of gas in your car as an insurance policy to get you where you need to go (but be sure to follow the proper laws and regulations about transporting fuel for your safety and that of everyone on the road)