10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Whether it’s tips and tricks you’re after or you just want to see some awesome pictures and live vicariously through others, these Twitter accounts are a must follow for the travel enthusiast or anyone with a case of wanderlust.



Deb and Charlie are traveling the world and sharing their experiences along the way. An awesome Twitter account full of stunning photos and interesting blog posts.




Posting fun and informative articles from their website, this account features information with destinations and tips for anyone seeking their next road trip adventure.




Gary Arndt was named Travel Photographer of the Year for good reason. Traveling since 2007, his Twitter is full of awesome pictures from around the world. From Alberta, to Colorado, to Paris. Gary has been to more than 105 different countries and has documented his travels along the way.




This account takes travel expertise beyond picturesque photos of the Italian countryside. Christopher Elliot’s Twitter provides travelers with informative articles, investigative consumer reports and tips for all your travel news and needs.




Anthony Bourdain’s  travel shows are a must watch, but if you’re not able to watch him travel the world, his Twitter is the next best thing. His social commentary and knowledge of food make his travel banter even more of a must-follow.




Visiting about 20 countries every year, the official Twitter for JohnnyJet.com contains traveling tips, news, photos and more from Johnny and his gang of travel experts. A definite follow for travelers of all levels, especially those keen on saving a few dollars.




Want to know what the 10 best beaches in Sardinia are? Or how you can plan your perfect Roman holiday? The account is followed by more than 3 million people and for good reason. Expect a constant stream of incredible photos, travel tips and flat-out awesome content.




With stunning photos from around the world, Budget Travel’s tweets provides eye-catching photos accompanied by must-read articles for anyone wanting to travel on a budget.




After leaving her job at Condé Nast Traveler Wendy began embarking on her own journeys. A seasoned traveler, her Twitter is full of tips and information necessary for any would be traveler.




They met on Mount Kilimanjaro and got engaged in front of the Taj Mahal. This traveling power couple detail their adventures from around the world on their fun-to-follow Twitter full of approachable photos, videos and globetrotting commentary.