How to check tire pressure

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Incorrect tire pressure is the leading cause of tire failure, posing a major safety risk for serious accidents.

Under- and over-inflation also decrease tire durability and fuel economy.

Check your tire pressure seasonally and before any road trip using these simple steps.

Look up the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle in the owner’s manual. This info is also located on the edge of the door, door post, interior of the glove box or fuel door.

Make sure your tires are cool (i.e. not hot from driving a mile or more).

Have your tire gauge on hand, and remove the cap from the valve on one tire. Put the cap in your pocket or cupholder so you don’t lose it.

Firmly press the gauge onto the valve. If there’s a hissing noise, just press on the gauge until it stops.

Note the reading. If it’s below the proper range, add air. If it’s above, release air by pressing on the metal stem inside the valve.

Recheck the reading to confirm you’re in the sweet spot. If so, replace the cap.

Repeat on each tire.

If your tire won’t hold air or the pressure is too low to safely drive, you’ll need to change or repair it.

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