Warning signs of a break down

Did your car not give you enough of a warning?

No problem, we’ll get you back on the road.

Like any longterm relationship, your car can suffer from neglect. Failing to address issues won’t lead to a break up, but it can result in a break down. (We’re not sure which is worse.) Here’s 5 warning signs that there’s trouble in vehicular paradise:


Flashing lights

If your dashboard looks like a game of Ms. Pacman, something’s definitely up. Even one warning light indicates there’s something under the hood worthy of a look. Stop hoping the light will go off on its own and follow up on the message its sending. 


Noisy stops

Squealing or grinding brakes is your car’s way of saying “Hey dude, I’m having stopping issues with stopping.” It also means failing brakes or brake pads. Get them fixed or replaced ASAP to avoid a serious accident.


Not-so-good vibrations

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of moving parts at work to keep you moving. Shaking or vibrating while moving could be caused by a lot of things, including the engine, wheels or transmission. Take it in for an expert diagnosis. 


Sluggish starts

Low and slow is great for BBQ, not for describing starting your car. A low battery, failing alternator or starter issue may be to blame. The only solution is to get it serviced. 


Oil spots

Small drops underneath the car aren’t cause for immediate alarm, but what starts as a slow leak can quickly become a huge (and expensive) problem. Address any leak as soon as you spot large puddles, especially if they occur in a short amount of time. 

If your car is sending any of the signals your way, it’s time to seek professional help before things get worse. Of course, regular and timely vehicle maintenance is the best prevention.

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