10 Must-Follow Roadtrippers

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”

Jack Kerouac’s words from his classic novel “On The Road” perfectly portray the beauty of the great American road trip. It was as true in the days of Kerouac as it is today: people love taking to the road for self-discovery and adventure. Fortunately, they also love to write about it.

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Whether you’re looking for inspiration, ideas for your own road trip or an eye-opening adventure to digest, we’ve rounded up 10 bloggers whose nomadic experiences are bound to get you thinking about packing up your bags and hitting the open road without looking back.


Nomadic Matt

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Before visiting Thailand in 2005, Nomadic Matt did little to earn the title “Nomadic”. In fact, Matt was pretty average. He grew up in suburban Boston, rarely traveled and worked a cubicle job with two weeks off a year. Enter five backpackers and a trip to Thailand, and Matt was transformed into a true nomad. He learned that you didn’t need to be rich to travel and that traveling year-round was more than possible. Inspired, Matt quit his desk job and started his journey. Now with 80 countries and territories under his belt, Matt’s seen — and documented — his constant journey.


Tales from the Scenic Route

Iain and Kate worked for 20 years at traditional jobs before giving it all up and selling everything to become full-time road explorers. Tales from the Scenic Route tells the story of their travels and adventures on the road in their 27-foot iconic Airstream. A true inspiration for those longing to see more of the United States, or who might be feeling held down by a 9-5 or mortgage, you can also keep up with the couple on Twitter.


Hank Bought a Bus

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As an architectural student, Hank was tired of working within the framework of theoretical projects and wanted to build something tangible and on a full scale. So he bought a bus for his final project and turned it into a beautiful living space to travel the country in.


Stopping in Every State

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Some roadtrippers are open to whatever the road has in store, while others have a clear focus. Jeff of Stopping in Every State is definitely focused. He traveled 31,000 miles across every American state and Canadian province in order to play hockey in all of them and cataloged his 6-month route and all his hockey experiences throughout.


Some Things are Cool

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In Some Things Are Cool, Jay Zantos journals his 10-month solo journey across 50 states to 50 national parks. Writing from an honest and realistic perspective, Jay gives an inside look into what it truly takes to travel the entire country.

“For the rest of my life I’ll be able to hold a conversation with anyone in the U.S. about anywhere in the U.S. and that’s the coolest takeaway I can think of,” Jay said.


Bodie on the Road

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Bodie on the Road is a curated collection of the best places to stay and play with your dog based on Belinda Jones’ firsthand experience traveling with her dog Bodie. After traveling with her canine companion for five years, expect great stories and loads of tips and suggestions.


Solo Road Trip

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Tammie Dooley writes about the rewards and challenges of going it alone. You won’t find any travel fluff on Dooley’s blog, rather her posts are raw and driven by an inner search for what seems to be a beauty that only exists in between the cracks of a worn and authentic world.


Flash Packer Family

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The Flash Packer Family searches to strike a balance between the adventure and fun of nomadic backpacking and the stability and comfort that family living often demands. What they’ve done particularly well is finding that balance while considering a third all important variable in the equation: affordability.


Gypsy Jema

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GypsyJema.com tells the tale of acceptance and growth, and how physically taking to the road in a monarch butterfly RV, worked concurrently as a way to free her from psychological barriers. Jema’s writing is all at once powerful, sincere, wonderfully playful, and always very grounding. Jema doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties that come with one’s journey in the world and is very open about the struggles her and her family have been through. Although things can get messy, there’s always a silver lining to be found.


Outdoor Blueprint

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Brian Eagen knows and loves the outdoors. What gives him the most enjoyment is teaching and sharing his knowledge. Outdoor Blueprint is a one-stop destination for guides and tips on all things outdoors in an easy-to-read, concise, jargon-free format. When it comes to road trips, Eagen says that “a road trip is the best way to forcibly remove oneself from the clutter of daily life.”