5 reasons why you should download the HONK Partner app

When you sign up to become a HONK Partner, you not only get to set your own rates, list the services that you provide and indicate how far you’re willing to drive to complete a job — but you are also able to download the HONK Partner app. The app, which is easy to use, can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. By streamlining the dispatch process and making it easier for you to receive and accept jobs closest to your trucks, you’ll be setting yourself up to receive more jobs in the future. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons why you’ll be happy that you downloaded the HONK Partner app.

Dispatching through the app

When you download the HONK Partner app you’ll be able to list yourself as a dispatcher or driver. If you are a single/owner operator you’ll be alerted of the job and be able to drive directly to the customer’s location. If you have a central dispatcher, they will be alerted of jobs and be able to dispatch the closest driver to the customer. This enables you to provide faster ETAs, leading to a higher customer service rating and more jobs in the future.


Tracking ability means more jobs for you

When a Partner creates their profile, they indicate how far they’re willing to travel to complete a job. If that Partner has not downloaded the app, HONK will only alert them of jobs within the mileage range of their central dispatch location. When a Partner has downloaded the app, HONK will alert them of jobs closest to where their trucks physically are.

So if you have the app, and drove 50 miles from your central dispatch location, you’ll still be alerted of jobs near you, despite being outside of your indicated mileage range. Want proof? One of our Washington Partners drove almost 300 miles for a non-HONK job to complete a tow, only to be alerted and win 3 HONK roadside jobs around his drop location — which paid for his fuel home.


No more “Henry” calls

If you’re a recently signed Partner, you’ve more than likely received calls from “Henry” alerting you of a job nearby. By downloading the app onto your smartphone or tablet, you’re eliminating those automated calls completely. Anytime a customer is in need within your area, you’ll be alerted through the app.

Once you receive an alert, we can help you calculate your drive time via Google maps to the customer, you can enter your wrap up time, and within minutes the app will let you know if you have been given the job. It simplifies the process for you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than assisting the customer.


Viewable customer notes in the app

When a Partner receives a job, the HONK Partner app will provide concise details with the customer’s exact location, contact information, and any notes that are necessary to complete the job. If a customer is located in a garage, those notes will be listed within the app for the Partner to see. Having concise details to read is faster than having them relayed and repeated via a dispatcher over the phone.also makes it easier for the Partner to communicate directly with the customer in case there are any specific updates that need to be relayed.


Real-time mapping and status updates

Once a Partner is awarded a job, they can click on the pickup address which takes you directly to Google maps. This makes it easier to get the fastest and most direct route. Don’t like receiving calls from a customer wondering where you are every 10 minutes? By using the status updates in the app, it tells the customer and HONK where on the job you are: “En Route”, “Arrived”, and “Job Completed”. This also prevents HONK from having to check in on the driver to make sure that they are meeting their stated arrival time