5 reasons to log in to your Partner Account

When you first signed up to become a HONK Partner, you may remember creating an account at www.joinhonk.com. What you might not realize is that same Partner Account is where you can view, adjust and manage your company’s HONK activity. Here’s what you can do by simply logging in with your username and password:


Adjust your rates

Making your rates more competitive is one of the easiest ways to get more volume. Our rate sliders show how your rates stack up to other Partners in your area, so slide away until you’ve found the right combination of rate and volume for you. Once you log in, click on Tow Rates and/or Roadside Rates on the left side to view and edit rates.


Get the app

The easiest way to get the Partner App for you and everyone at your company is through your Partner Account. After logging in, click Manage Team on the left. Right in the center of that page is a purple outlined box to invite more drivers. Give it a click, and then enter the mobile numbers of who you’d like to add to the app. They’ll receive a text message with a link to install the app. Easy!


Approve and/or remove drivers and dispatchers

When new drivers or dispatchers join the Partner App as part of your company, you’ll need to approve them before they can use the App. You do this in the same place that you invite them to the app: the Manage Team tab of your Partner Account. Below the Invite box is an area to manage your team. Pending drivers are those requiring your approval before they can receive jobs; active drivers are approved active users. To review or edit the permissions of a driver, just click the pencil/paper icon to the right of their name.


Request payment

One of the best parts of working with HONK is the fast payment. When a job is complete, log in to your Partner Account and click Payment on the left. You’ll see a list of completed jobs. Find the one(s) with payment status “Not requested” and click See Details to request payment.


View your job history

Review the status of your recent HONK jobs from the Payment section of your Partner Account as well. The list view shows you the PO#, date, payment total and current status. Click into a job’s details to see the service, location, job status and loaded miles. This is very useful for reconciling accounts and bookkeeping, so come back often!

Bonus tip

Learn how to reset your Partner Account password.