Tips on customer service from top Partners

At the forefront of running any successful business is making sure that the customer has a good experience. Service professionals in the towing and roadside industry know this better than most — which is one of the reasons HONK’s technology takes into account customer satisfaction when awarding jobs to Partners.

There’s no one that knows how to interact with customers better than the service providers doing it every day. So we went straight to the source and talked with providers from across the country for their tips on creating the best customer experience possible.

Hiten (Austin, Texas) who’s worked at his company for almost 10 years and is also a member of our Partner Advisory Board has learned that communication is key when dealing with a customer.

“Call the client in advance to establish direct communication and give them a description of the vehicle your tech is in. Once you get there, make sure they’re safe and comfortable…the tech will always take care of his/herself but you can’t predict what a client will do if they’re outside the vehicle.”

Elizabeth (Yakima, Wash.) who’s been working in the industry with her husband for 15-20 years says that you must always respect the customer’s situation.

“Good service and polite manners are essential. People don’t want to sit out there for an hour and a half and wait for you. Be very respectful of their situation…[for example] we carry water in our truck in case the customer is thirsty.”

Prodromos (Chicago, Illinois) who has 8 years of experience working in the industry has always prioritzed safety above all else.

“If it’s an accident, I always ask if they are ok or if they need an ambulance. I try to answer them in a calm way when they ask me questions. I never try to scare them with prices and explain what everything will cost before completing the job. I then explain to them how they would pay and make sure that they are comfortable with the prices.”

John (Seattle, Wash.) who works with his wife and tow dog, Mojo has 20 years of experience and has always stressed empathizing with the customer and their situation.

“Try to always be nice. They [customers] aren’t always the happiest people a lot of the time…I’ll notice how much I can brighten up someone’s day just by being polite and making light of their situation. As bad as the damage to a vehicle is, it can always be replaced, a human being cannot.”

Greg (Tucson, Ariz.) has worked in the tow industry for 23 years, picking up things over time that have helped him work with customers.

“My approach is simple: When people’s cars are broken down, I want to make them as comfortable as possible. I always have a good attitude and try to make them feel like they are being taken care of. For me, I always try to go beyond what someone else would do, treat their babies [cars] as if they were my own. It’s important to kill them with kindness. People like being treated with respect. I always explain what I’m doing so that they know what’s going on.”

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