What customers are saying about our Partners

While we’re working away in our offices trying to make sure that everything is running smoothly, it is you, the service provider who is doing the most important job of all.

Assisting stranded motorists in their time of need is no easy task. And we want you to know that your hard work will never go unnoticed.

So here’s a list of messages we’ve received from customers around the country who you have serviced, assisted and gotten back on the road.

“I would give my service provider an 18 out of 10 if I could” – Tacoma, WA

“Very professional, on time and courteous.” – Richmond, VA

“Great service!” – NY, NY

“Jesse from Abyss Towing company was very polite, fast and helpful. I appreciate the amazing service.” – Boise, ID

“Absolutely amazing, super friendly, and very helpful!!!” – Jacksonville, FL

“The guy you sent was a total awesome guy. He totally made a damsel in distress feel safe and went above and beyond the service that was needed.” – Fort Worth, TX

“Action Towing in Killeen cares about the customer and the customer’s needs. The best towing service I’ve had in a long time.” – Killeen, TX

“My service provider was very courteous and thorough. She was very precise with explaining the process to the last step. It was very comforting to me especially, since I was stranded.” – Far Hills, NJ

“Great, prompt service!” – Philadelphia, PA

“Towing company was great!” – Pullman, WA

“The guys that came were very patient in waiting for us and took great care of our truck! Thank you guys for your professional and friendly service!” – Denton, TX

“The roadside assistance provider, “Great Scott” arrived earlier than expected and was quick and thorough.” – Tacoma, WA

“The driver that picked me up was friendly, very helpful, professional and on time!!” – Wellesley, MA

“We were amazed by the service. Fast, efficient, great.” – Miami, FL

“Dustin was a real cool guy and as a we were letting the car run, he gave me great information on how to keep my battery from draining.” – Tampa, FL

“My provider was great!” – Louisville, KY

“Sam was the nicest tow driver who even provided me a drink. I appreciate the help.” – Dallas, TX

“The provider was excellent. Very knowledgeable, professional and quick. I highly recommend!” – Sunnyvale, CA

“He was very friendly, offered cold water was very professional!” – Westlake, OH