How HONK helps your business: Jump Start HERO

If you had the opportunity to increase the amount of business that your company did on a regular basis, would you take it? That was one of the questions Daniel of Jump Start HERO asked himself when he looked into becoming a HONK Partner.

That was a year ago, and today Jump Start HERO has become one of HONK’s most trusted Partners. For Daniel and his company it was the simplicity and flexibility that enticed him to sign up as a provider.

“It’s [HONK] a great model for the industry. I like the way that it locates people in the area and allows us to bid on a job to see how fast I can get there.”

To date, Daniel does anywhere from 10-15 HONK jobs every month — supplementing the services that he provides to other companies as well as private customers. A big part of this is due to the fact that Daniel has downloaded the HONK Partner App.

Because he takes his smartphone wherever he goes, it gives HONK the ability to alert him of jobs near his current location, even if he is outside of his standard area.

“With the GPS location being so precise, I’ll be on the way to a motor club call and I’ll get alerted of a HONK call. I’ll be able to go to the HONK one [job] before I go to the other one. This helps me maximize my time and make more money.”

Having the app not only increases the volume of jobs that Daniel can do, it also makes the jobs he’s on much easier to navigate and complete.

“The GPS saves me gas and time. I don’t have to drive around and look for the customer, all the information is there. I’m really happy with it, it’s really been great.”

For Daniel he finds HONK to be especially beneficial for smaller companies that are not able to take on big insurance or police contracts.

“It’s a boom for someone like me. It might not make a huge difference in the moment, but over time you notice that these jobs build up. I would endorse using it 100%. I’m a smaller company and HONK allows small guys like me to provide my services to as many people as possible.”

Providers like Daniel are what make the towing and roadside industry what it is. For stranded drivers, there should be comfort in knowing that the industry is full of people like Daniel who will go above and beyond to help someone out in need. HONK couldn’t be happier to have someone like him as a Partner.

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