HONK’s July Trucks of the Month

We received a ton of admissions to be featured as our July Tow Truck of the Month. But we came to the realization that we couldn’t just pick one, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tow and roadside assistance trucks shared with us this past month.

Empire Towing — Wilmington, North Carolina


Named Wicked, this 2015 Ram 5500 is an absolute beast of a truck. Equipped with duel winch lines, a 16,000 pound max lift and underglow and strobe lights, this truck has towed everything from mopeds to bobtail tractors.

Recovery Towing — Belleville, Illinois


Among a host of the company’s other trucks, this powerful one sticks out the most: a Ford F550 with a maximum towing capacity of 26,000 pounds that can tow motorcycles to food trucks.

Diamond Road Service — Windsor, California


After realizing small was just a small piece of his business, Ric at Diamond decided to shift to roadside only with this FJ Cruiser service truck. It worked: he’s serviced over 7,000 customers and has never had a damage vehicle claim or customer complaint.

Driscoll’s Towing — Fort Pierce, Florida


With more than 104,000 miles, it’s safe to say that this Ford F450 has done its fair share of jobs. With a Miller self-loader, a 6.0 diesel and automatic transmission, Joe Driscoll has this monster of a truck ready when duty calls.

Charlotte H.E.R.O. Patrol — Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Roadside

Another service truck submission, H.E.R.O. Patrol showcases the “service” aspect. While this truck might not live up to the towing muscle of a wrecker, it’s been used to help a variety of customers: from the 3 am tire change to helping retrieve a wedding ring lost in the dash.

Proud of your ride? Share a photo and why your truck is tops with us, and you might be featured next time!

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