Under the hood of HONK dispatching

One major way HONK differs from traditional motor clubs and insurance providers is our business model. It’s pretty apparent with our membership-free, on-demand ordering for customers — but it’s true for our Partners as well. And this means you have a hand in impacting the job calls you get and are awarded. HONK’s dispatch algorithm factors in quality score, ETA and rate when awarding jobs to available Partners — all things 100% driven by how you manage your company.

We know delivering top-notch customer service is important to you, and it shows in your quality score. HONK factors in real customer reviews of each Partner and Affiliate into awarding a job, which means a focus on customer satisfaction helps your company get more volume.

Instead of mandating low rates across the board for service providers, we allow you to set (and adjust) your rates yourselves. The rate sliders in your Partner Account indicate how competitive your rates are compared to other service providers in your area. By allowing each Partner to set their rates, the local market sets itself to a fair and stable price. Better yet, you get to help HONK grow while still getting paid more than if you did the job with a HONK competitor.

Your location to the job is critical to the ETA: the closer you are, the better the ETA. By having the Partner App in use by each of your drivers, the location services really make a difference. Real-time tracking of your fleet on the move means you receive alerts of jobs that really are nearby…and being nearby equals better ETAs.

Like any marketplace, remember that you have the power to drive your business growth: setting competitive rates, using the app and providing stellar customer service. HONK simply provides the right tools and a true partnership, so we can make meaningful change in the industry together.