Partner App: Understanding Wrap Up Time

Accurate ETAs are key to happy customers and good satisfaction scores. They also factor into HONK’s dispatch algorithm, so having fast and correct ETAs equal more jobs. And to help calculate these accurate ETAs, HONK uses your wrap up time.

What Is Wrap Up Time?

This refers to the time, in minutes, it will take you to finish whatever you might be currently doing before leaving for a job. For example, let’s say you’re completing a tow when you are alerted of a new HONK job. The wrap up time would be how long it will take you to finish the tow job completely before you are on the move (en route) to the new job.

So Will My Wrap Up Time Be Different for Each Job?

Most of the time, yes! And that’s okay, as the wrap up time is one of components of your total ETA. So don’t enter the lowest wrap up time; what matters is being accurate.

Why Does Wrap Up Time Matter?

It’s all part of determining the most accurate ETA possible. HONK factors in the distance between you and the new job and real-time traffic to get a clear idea of when you could arrive at the new job. When we add in the wrap-up time, you’re letting us know the time you’ll actually be leaving for the job, which we add in and communicate to the customer so they know exactly when to expect you.

Where Do I Enter Wrap Up Time?

In the HONK Partner App! When you (or your dispatcher) replies to an available job, the first step will be to “bid” with your ETA. You’ll see a screen that prompts you to select a wrap up time, much like the image above. If your exact wrap up time isn’t reflected, choose the option that is the closest to that timeframe. For example, if you can leave in 25 minutes, tap the 30 minutes button. Once you select your wrap up time, the next screen will show your total ETA, with this wrap up time included. That’s it!

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