Meet John, Gail and Mojo of Seattle’s ABC Towing

It’s just another day at work for John Chase as he drives from Seattle to Port Angeles to complete a job. For most towing or roadside professionals, this two and a half hour drive would be one of solitude — one where they could be left alone with their thoughts. But not for John.

John has a companion in the back seat keeping him company for this and almost every job call. Her name is Mojo, and she’s a 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who was born for the tow life as much as any professional in the industry.

“Mojo comes with me everyday. She’ll sit on my shoulders when I’m helping someone with a lockout or jump start,” he said.

John owns and operates ABC Towing with his wife Gail. The couple has been in the towing and roadside industry for more than 20 years. John initially entered into the company as a silent partner, but when his business partner realized that he wanted to do something else, John and Gail combined their skills to build the company to what its current state of success. As of today, they’re 12 trucks, 11 employees, 1 tow dog…and growing.

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He attributes their success to teamwork.

“[Gail]’s the brains, I’m the brawn. She does all the numbers, billing, talks to people, deals with advertisements, and I do sales and am out there helping people get back on the road,” he said.

And while their customer service and professionalism has helped countless customers get back on the road, it’s their canine partner who brings smiles to customers’ faces.

“People get pretty happy when they see Mojo,” he said. And it’s that people-focused mentality that drives the Chases on a daily basis.

“We like helping people. That’s what we do,” John said. “Often times they’re not the happiest people [because of the situation]. Being nice, respectful and aware of their situation brightens up their day a bit. You have to look on the bright side.”

“Vehicles can always be replaced. A human being can’t.”

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