Top apps for tow professionals

Smartphones have become a vital tool in the towing and roadside industry. A recent survey of more than 900 HONK Partners found that more than 90 percent use smartphones in their businesses, and more than 80 percent describe themselves as “very comfortable” with smartphones. And they’re no strangers to mobile apps either.

In addition to using the HONK Partner App daily, many Partners also rely on apps to coordinate all their dispatching and finding the best routes to customers in need of help. We rounded up a few more apps that can help the tow pro on the go.


iCarMode ($1.99, iPhone)

Finding the right app in the rows upon rows of icons can be frustrating, especially in the car when your eyes should be on the road. iCarMode turns your phone screen into an easy-to-use in-car dashboard, giving you quick access to the apps you need when you’re behind the wheel (and hiding those you don’t) with large, simple icons for your GPS, music, frequent contacts and any other app you choose.


Waze (free, Android and iPhone)

The world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze gives you the shortest routes with turn-by-turn directions in real-time. This means you can avoid a budding traffic jam before you get stuck and miss an ETA. You can also set preferences to avoid toll roads as well as notify other drivers of disabled vehicles on or near the road…two things that tow truck drivers can definitely appreciate.


ReadItToMe (free with in-app purchases, Android)

Text messages, app alerts and other notifications are making communication on the job even easier…but only if you can safely stop the truck and take the time to read them. An SMS-to-voice-reading app, ReadItToMe and similar apps can be set to automatically read your messages out loud as soon as you get them totally hands-free. Use privacy and profile settings to read only what you want, and upgrade to turn on app notifications and voice reply.


iExit ($0.99, Android and iPhone)

When a job takes you across town, you may need some help finding the best place to stop for a quick bite or to fill up the tank. If you’re on or near any of the nation’s interstates, iExit has you covered. Enter your location, and it shows you nearby exits and their offerings in a simple color-coded listing.


Spotify (free with paid premium option, Android and iPhone)

The right music can change your day, but sometimes the car radio can’t deliver the tunes you need. Use Spotify to stream your favorite music from more than 30 million songs, any time, any where. It’s like an upgrade for your radio that you take with you.


Gasbuddy (free, Android and iPhone)

Another community-based app success, GasBuddy maps out real-time gas prices based on your location. It’s simple: find cheap gas near you and get on with your day. Plus, they give away $100 in free gas each day. It’s also one of the only highly rated gas apps available for Blackberry and Windows phones.