HONK Partner Spotlight – Red Horse Recovery & Towing

At HONK, we sincerely believe our Service Provider Network is our biggest asset and we value our Partners for the work they do.  As our appreciation, every quarter we like to ‘shine the spotlight’ on one of our Service Providers.  

This quarter’s HONK Partner Spotlight goes to RED HORSE RECOVERY & TOWING 

Red Horse Recovery & Towing located in Hampton, SC, provides automotive towing service, roadside assistance and also offers a complete line of towing services. Their experienced and trained towing and recovery professionals operate the latest recovery equipment to ensure your car or truck is recovered quickly, safely and at the best possible price.

Red Horse joined the HONK Partner Network to help grow their business. They were looking for an additional revenue stream to keep their drivers busy and trucks out in the field during non-peak times. HONK’s customer-first roadside assistance platform connected them to nearby motorists in need of towing and roadside assistance. Red Horse found value in HONK’s optimized dispatch technology that provides instant job alerts, real-time ETAs, GPS pin-point location data, and a driver/customer communications channel, allowing them to grow their businesses on their own terms while receiving payments quickly.     

Robert Godley, owner of Red Horse likes HONK’s job flexibility and easy to use driver app. “We didn’t have to sign a contract and we’re not obligated to do anything. We just take jobs when we can. With the HONK app, I pick and choose the jobs we take to keep my drivers busy.” 

Robert and one of his driver’s Glen were aware of HONK after reading about them on a few Facebook groups for towing companies. They were pleased that many other tow professionals and actual customers of the service had good things to say about HONK. They also met the HONK team at the Florida Tow Show and at the Tennessee Tow Show this year and in early October they decided to give HONK a try and they joined their Service Provider Partner Network. According to Robert, the HONK signup process was simple, all they had to do was submit their certificate of insurance and request their free background checks and they started seeing job alerts come through. 

Congratulations again Red Horse Recovery & Towing, the team at HONK appreciates everything you do!  Thank you for being a valued Partner.  

For a glimpse into Red Horse Recovery & Towing, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedHorseRecoveryandTowing/

Here are a few pics of their awesome fleet of trucks in action!


 To learn more about the HONK Partner Network, visit www.joinHONK.com