The importance of slowing down and moving over

Picture this, you’re a tow truck operator and you’ve just been dispatched to fix a flat tire on the side of a busy intersection. As you’re working to get that customer back on the road, cars are zooming past you at speeds of up to 50 mph. This is the reality for many service providers on a daily basis.

Every 6 days a tow truck operator is killed in the line of duty due to unsafe driving practices by motorists who don’t adhere to state Move Over laws. Despite almost all states having implemented some form of these laws within the last several years, over 50% of drivers are still unaware that they exist. 

But what exactly is a slow down, move over law? ‘Move Over’ laws vary by state, but in general, they specify that when drivers see emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the highway, they should slow down, and when safe, move over to vacate the lane next to the stopped vehicle. 

Every responsible driver has a role they need to play in order to help spread the awareness about the dangers emergency responders face on a daily basis.

By failing to slow down and move over, you’re not only endangering the lives of towing and roadside professionals, you’re also breaking the law.

Talk to your friends and family, educate yourself on the specifics of the laws in your state and always, always, always reduce your speed and move over lanes when you see emergency lights blinking on the side of the road. 

For more information on these laws, and what you can do to educate yourself and spread awareness click here.