HONK Partner Series: Flight Road Services

Going Digital Saves Time, Money, and Countless Headaches

Isiah Haggins had just received a layoff notice and buyout from General Motors when the factory where he worked closed its doors for good. He had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and running his own business and felt the time was finally right to make it happen. As it happened, Isiah started part-time towing prior to the General Motors shutdown. Because of this experience, he decided he liked the idea of helping customers on his own terms and decided to start a towing business.

Operating as Flight Road Services, in 2010 Isiah and his brother and partner, knew their new business would be their lifelong endeavor. Covering the greater Dayton, OH area the duo and a floating operator tackled basic roadside assistance jobs like lockouts, tire changes, and jump-starts. They recognized customers without insurance struggled financially and offered alternative options to pay just to get the service they needed. Their desire to simply help their customers paid off as they now have a consistent business with loyal customers. 

As their business grew, they began operating 24/7 and expanded their business to surrounding areas. Though their business was doing well, the brothers quickly realized their biggest hurdle was manpower. Like many new businesses they had a hard time staying fully staffed and able to handle all the calls coming in. Isaiah says the company placed ads in local newspapers and the local job bank to bring on more staff, but all the pieces of their operations just didn’t fit the puzzle.

It wasn’t long before their ETAs became extended to cover the lack of operators available. In short, they were heading into trouble. They began looking for a solution that could offer efficiency in their administrative duties like payroll and an easier way to track and dispatch drivers. They needed a way to digitize their business. They took a hard look at all their manual processes and figured out ways to utilize technology to automate many of the processes.

Flight Road Services opted to become a digital business with the help of the HONK Partner app. They joined several other motor clubs and technology-based options to assist as most of their business was a community-based word of mouth. However, they didn’t find the solution they were looking for until they visited a booth at a recent trade show and met HONK representatives. 

“HONK was a dream of mine for redefining roadside. Primarily because it is based on GPS location and flexibility according to my schedule. I don’t have to lower my prices to become competitive. It gives our team the opportunity to take easier jobs that are closer to our operators. When you finish with that job, you can immediately submit for pay, run that card, and get paid – that’s the digital age. We love the way HONK operates. Digital is the way.” Isiah Haggins, Owner of Flight Road Services

Reminiscing on their pre-digital days, Isiah laughed in annoyance recalling the amount of time and resources they spent on administrative work alone. He remembers the 5 to 10 minutes it often took to gather disablement details from clients and the 3-4 hours on Sundays submitting his invoices for the week. Today, almost all of his business is optimally digitized and he couldn’t be more excited about the future. Using the HONK Partner App, the brothers are able to accept a job, receive all the job details, and dispatch a driver in under 2 minutes, no paperwork needed!

“I’ve saved time, money, and countless headaches. The app makes life so much easier. If someone can’t work from the office they can still dispatch from their own home or on the road. Companies like HONK are offering reasonable rates because they’re not running your trucks up and down the road. With HONK it’s simple, ‘are you on duty’ or ‘not on duty’? If you say you can do it, they expect you to show up. If not, they’ll catch you on the next one. You are not penalized for saying no. You have the control. Our main goal is to make sure the customer is getting serviced. I love it!“ Isiah Haggins, Owner of Flight Road Services

As a HONK Partner for 3 years, Flight Road Services has solidified an ever-growing expansion and has gone from taking 10 calls a day to now taking 40 calls a day from all their sources of revenue. They’re now offering excellent benefits to their operators by supporting them with all the tools they expect the operator to need on the job. They provide equipment, smartphones with data plans, operating vehicles, and training. In the near future, they will also add mobile locksmith and mobile tire delivery to their list of services offered. Isiah is looking forward to the next stage of expansion for their business and so are we.

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