HONK Partner Series: A.S.A.P Towing & Recovery

With a fleet of 19 trucks, 7 operators, 2 dispatchers and a 2-year-old who prefers a Peterbilt to a Freightliner, Alex Shopen of A.S.A.P Towing & Recovery has his hands full. And that’s how he likes it. Alex, a tow industry veteran of 10+ years began his towing journey in San Diego, CA. Initially, his love of everything automobile led him to the towing industry. “I bought and resold cars. Most of the time they weren’t running and every time I had to pay for a tow, it would be $100 here, $100 there. So I bought my own tow truck.”

Alex says that’s what helped him realize there was more to his purchase than he realized. “I built relationships with mechanics and partnerships with auto body shops and began towing for them and it just grew.” To his credit, Alex humbly credits his business’ growth to his personable nature and ability to comfort the stranded motorist in his care.

“I’ve always believed in treating the customer like family, and that made me popular.”

After receiving raving reviews and a consistent 5-star rating on Yelp, referrals and retail calls poured in. Alex had received so many referrals, that in fact, he realized the opportunity he had at his fingertips and decided to officially transition to the towing industry full time. This eventually led him to have conversations with motor clubs and app-based platforms like HONK to diversify his availabe streams of revenue. 

“HONK is close enough to our reasonable cash rates, I love the same day pay versus having to wait over a month for payout at times, and I do believe HONK listens. The additionals payout process is so much easier now. On one job we got paid for wait time because we waited for the customer to arrive, an additional lockout because the customer did not have their keys, and extra labor because of the position and difficulty in getting the vehicle in a towable position. We shot the video for everything and explained what was happening in the video. After that, we received our requests paid in full. It was great.”

Today, A.S.A.P Towing & Recovery, now based in Vancouver, WA boasts its own custom-built fleet vehicles equipped to handle any and every mishap on or off the road regardless of weather conditions. They also offer an off-road recovery program to educate operators on how to safely and efficiently execute difficult recoveries. 

Alex says he’s proud his company goes where others can’t or won’t go. When asked why he thinks he has been successful in an industry where others have failed he stated, “I’m a businessman, who started a business in the towing industry. I built my team, everyone has their own specific roles, and we work closely together to create memorable customer experiences on every job.”

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