HONK Partner Series: Towfessional Auto Repair

Angelo Mazzio was born a son of the tow industry. From an early age he lived and breathed the tow life. Growing up, he watched as his family owned and operated a towing and roadside assistance company serving members of their community in numerous roadside emergencies. While mastering the complexities of operating a tow truck, Angelo always knew becoming a tow truck operator would be his life’s work.

Naturally, as his respect for the industry deepened and his fascination of tow trucks increased he decided it was time to open his own tow truck business. “Since I was born in the tow industry I’ve always liked tow trucks. That’s what made me start my company.”

After six years, Angelo, now a Wreckmaster certified operator, decided it was time to carve his own path and he established Towfessional Auto Repair. Towfessional Auto Repair located in Jamaica, NY, started as a one-man one truck operation handling light and medium-duty tows. Angelo says he found his footing in the NYPD Rotation Towing Program. In order to maintain his business, he accepted additional roadside jobs that came his way.

At this time, Angelo began hiring staff to realize his vision to purchase more trucks, hire operators to drive them, and get to customers even faster. Along the way, while searching Google for more opportunities, he found HONK, signed up and eventually became an official HONK Partner.

Always maintaining a clean fleet of trucks.

HONK helped fill in the gaps when Towfessional had a few moments of downtime. Woven into the fabric of the industry is a theme of family, brotherhood, and service. At Towfessional, Angelo likes to create an atmosphere his employees can thrive in.

Angelo prioritizes the relationship he has with his employees and values the culture they’ve created. Before a new employee is hired, He says it’s important to include his team in the decision making process.

“Everything we do is about family and safety. The employees are like family. Everyone communicates easily and takes care of each other. When we bring in new drivers, we give them thorough on-the-job training. We pay for their certifications and teach them how to keep the trucks clean and well maintained. I make sure they know everything they do is about the customer. Getting that customer off the road as quickly and safely as possible.”

Personifying one of the core tenants of the tow industry, Towfessional encourages a culture of serving customers quickly. “I want my drivers to go out of their way for the customer like they do for each other.”

Now the father of a 9-month-old baby boy, Angelo extends his vision to include his legacy. He says his next steps will be to build a bigger fleet and create more job opportunities. “My goal is to pass my business along to my son. I want to build one of the biggest fleets in the industry. The more trucks I get the more customers I can get to quickly.”

At HONK we are proud to Partner with Towfessional Auto Repair and look forward to their success. If you are interested in having your company featured as part of our Partner Series, follow us and send us a message at facebook.com/honk4partners.