HONK Partner Series: 1 Stop Towing

At HONK we value our network of Partners who execute high levels of service and professionalism in emergency situations. When it comes down to it, motorists need assurance they will be cared for and we strive to provide that peace of mind. That goal is impossible without you, our Partners. When we receive positive reviews from customers about a Partner who has consistently exceeded their expectations, we want to share their story.

“The service was great and the driver was very kind and courteous, I highly recommend 1 stop towing and would use them again!” – HONK customer

1 Stop Towing, based in Sacramento, CA, embodies the title “Roadside Hero” to their core. When we send their truck to a stranded motorist, it is with the confidence that the driver is in the most capable hands.

Maria, owner and dispatcher at 1 Stop Towing, put her truck on the road with the desire to help customers and the heart to back it up. “We are a family of entrepreneurs and investors. We like to invest in industries that allow us to serve people. It’s very important to take care of your community.”

Opening in January 2019, 1 Stop Towing worked hard to establish its roots in the Sacramento tow community. “It was very difficult to get started in the beginning. We weren’t sure where jobs would come from. HONK really helped us launch our business.”

Maria found she faced the demands of rising overhead costs and the reality that hiring and retaining a quality operator could be a consistent battle. She realized her business needed a boost so she began to research ways to increase job volume for 1 Stop Towing. Following a friend and fellow tow company owner’s recommendation, she joined the HONK Partner network and began using the HONK app.

“We found a way to get more jobs consistently. When we hired our operator Ernesto (Ernie), we were struggling to find professional operators with clean records. Ernesto always smiles and is always willing to go the extra mile to take care of customers.”

Now after a year, 1 Stop Towing is ready to expand their efforts to provide quality service to motorists who need their assistance.

Here are a few customer comments we’ve received on jobs where 1 STop Towing has been dispatched:

    • Ernie was friendly and informative. He was a reliable driver and tow-person. Would definitely recommend!!
    • Great service, on time, professional, efficient, got it done , thank you
    • Ernie was the best!!!! Very professional.
    • The men at one stop towing were superbly helpful and kind. Great customer service, didnt talk to me like i was stupid and got me where i needed to be quickly!
  • This service was the fastest response I have had with roadside assistance. Kept me informed and met my needs.