HONK Partner Series: C&E Towing Services LLC


“I started out doing ride alongs. Growing up, my uncles all drove tow trucks and I knew one day I would too.”

For the past 10 years Eric, owner and operator of C&E Towing Services LLC in Wynette, GA has been a part of the towing industry. As a second generation operator, Eric incorporates his core family values into the care he gives to the customers he serves everyday.

Gaining invaluable experience and increasing his skill level through DOT and hazmat certifications and on-the-job training, Eric decided it was time to take the next step in his career. He decided to launch his company C&E Towing Services LLC just over a year ago and immediately began looking for ways to grow his business.

After a friend’s referral, Eric began working with HONK. He attributes the ease of dispatch and the fast payment as his favorite aspects of the partnership saying, “I love how y’all dispatch. I prioritize helping my customers and I’ve noticed customers are even happier with my service now, especially saying how fast I arrived on the scene.”

After just 4 months as a HONK Partner, Eric says the majority of his work comes from HONK.

“I try to accept every alert that comes through. Sometimes I don’t get the job, but I know it’s because someone else was closer and able to get to the customer faster. I don’t mind not getting every job I accept. When I first started I was getting 4-5 jobs per day, now I’m receiving up to 20 alerts per day from HONK.”

When he receives an alert from HONK, to him it’s not just a job but its a person who needs his help. Having Partners like C&E Towing remind us that we work with the best companies in the industry.

If you own a towing or roadside assistance company, and are interested in becoming a HONK Partner, you can sign up for free at joinHONK.com.