HONK Partner Stories: K&V Roadside Assistance


Customer Service and Entrepreneurship. Two concepts, when mastered, that are distinct indicators for why a business grows. In the towing industry, a customer’s experience and their perspective of a job’s execution has significant impact on a company’s reputation. “Let us be your hero” is the slogan for K & V Roadside Assistance, a towing company that knows all about producing first-class customer experiences.

Recently, we spoke to Lavedra of K&V Roadside Assistance located in Lithonia, GA. Lavedra launched her business because she wanted the freedom and opportunity that entrepreneurship offered her. She believes that how her operators take care of a customer is vital to the expansion of her business. To protect the company’s vision, she provides training for all of her employees on how to deliver top quality customer experiences.

“Show up on time, be fast, reliable and consistent. Make sure you meet the customer’s needs and get them to their destination. Get the job done safely.” Words she instills in the training of her operators. Since the company opened in 2017, she and her team will review these objectives every 2 months.

In the 3 years since she has founded K & V, Lavedra continues to see her business thrive. She credits a major part of her company’s growth to constantly exceeding customer service expectations. Additionally, resources like the HONK Partner app help by providing another stream of revenue.

“I love HONK’s Instant Dispatch! I like how HONK chooses the closest provider so we are able to accept a lot more calls and get to the customer faster. Since instant dispatch started I’ve seen a 25% increase in my job volume. HONK is now my main source of income.”

Lavedra, K & V Roadside Assistance.

We love to hear that Lavedra has been able to use HONK’s Instant Dispatch model to increase her job volume, yet we noticed an increase in something else as well. K & V’s glowing customer reviews. You see, our intentions here at HONK are to expand on our Partner’s business goals. We often say “When you put the customer first, we put you first” and we are proud to see this as a realization for Lavedra and K & V Roadside Assistance.

Here’s what customers have to say about K & V Roadside Assistance:

  • Tow driver was awesome! I was having a panic attack and he was awesome!
  • Jason the tow guy was great! He provided exceptional service!
  • The gentleman that arrived was very professional and pleasant.And backed that truck up backward down my long down hill drive way and getting thru gate with inches on both sides amazing!!!!!
  • First time needing to use the service. Very pleased with the response time, communication and service especially since it was a holiday. I was concerned about being stranded for hours. Thanks!
  • Pleasant and professional. Came quickly and did a great job
  • Excellent service!

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