HONK Partners with Spiffy to keep Tow Operators safe

It’s been 6 months since we began hearing whispers of the world’s latest health crisis, the coronavirus. The nation as a whole began to implement stricter health and safety protocols and as for the tow operator; no more ride alongs. Stemming from an overbearing lack of available resources to sanitize truck interiors, this presented new concerns about seeing customers safely to their destination. The question became what does “going back to normal” for the towing industry look like? Today, HONK has partnered with Spiffy, the nation’s leading provider of mobile disinfection services, to help give our Partners access to tools that will allow them to continue to be successful in the post-COVID “normal” ahead.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, many tow companies and HONK opted out of offering ride-alongs to customers as an added safety measure. Operators like Alex Shopen of A.S.A.P Towing and Recovery in Vancouver, WA even went as far as to provide Uber rides for some customers to ensure they made it home safely. For the majority of towing companies, detailed and intentional sanitation protocols after every job became adopted as a regular practice. Unfortunately, both of these methods come with a higher cost in transportation fees, a surplus in cleaning supply purchases, and unfortunately, a rise in the damage to the interior of vehicles. 

Operators and motorists alike are finding out just how important it is to choose the right disinfection product.  After using bleach or ammonia-based cleaning products, we’ve heard reports of damage to truck’s upholstery, dashboards, damage to the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings, and damage to the vinyl or plastic surfaces. Leading to repair expenses during a time when any additional expense can be painful. In many cases, effective cleaning products were not always available either, due to supply shortages. After learning what HONK Partners were experiencing, HONK decided to do some digging to come up with a meaningful and tailored solution.

According to recent HONK research on American driving and auto fueling habits, most of the motoring public has some concerns about contracting COVID-19 from tow operators during roadside assistance calls. In the survey, 34% of motorists were “a little concerned and 23% were “extremely concerned”, while 40% of motorists who responded said they’re not at all concerned. The survey went on to outline what would make them more comfortable requesting roadside assistance during this pandemic; these are top responses:

  1. Tow truck driver wears a mask and gloves during the entire roadside assistance job (75%)
  2. Tow truck driver follows physical distancing and stays 6-feet away during service (54%)
  3. Tow truck driver shows no symptoms and has taken necessary precautions to stay virus-free (50%)
  4. Knowing that the tow truck company sanitizes/disinfects their trucks after every job (40%)

The first three concerns have been addressed, as most tow companies implemented these protocols back in late March. Sanitizing and disinfecting trucks for COVID-19 is something many are now starting to do, making the Spiffy and HONK partnership very timely. The partnership provides HONK’s service provider network with direct e-commerce access and exclusive discounts at Spiffy’s Disinfection Store. Read the full press!

Spiffy’s disinfection solutions kill 99.999% of germs and will not damage the interior of a vehicle. We asked a few HONK Partners to test the Spiffy products for their business and couldn’t be more thrilled. They found the disinfectant was exactly the product they needed and they couldn’t beat the exclusive pricing as a HONK Partner. We recommend giving it a try for yourself and your operators. Visit www.spiffydisinfectionstore.com and use the promo code: HONKSAFETY to get your exclusive offer today. 

“We have always maintained a clean fleet of tow trucks but now during the pandemic, it requires an entirely different standard,” said Tyler Mortvedt, Central Iowa Towing and Recovery. “Having consistent access to safe, American-made, hospital-grade disinfectant gives us comfort and security, knowing we’re keeping our tow operators and customers protected.”

As more cities begin to re-open and tow providers begin offering ride-alongs, taking advantage of HONK’s partnership with Spiffy will help our Partner Network by having consistent purchasing access to the best mobile disinfectant at an exclusive price.

If you are not a HONK Partner and would like to get this offer, visit www.joinhonk.com and sign up for free today!