HONK Roadside Assistance App Demo

HONK Technologies Announces Major Updates to Mobile Roadside Assistance App, Leveraging AI to Increase Transparency for US Insurance Carriers and Consumers Alike

Updates include a chatbot that enables real-time updates, ensuring consumer safety while empowering carriers with a touchless claims service to improve customer retention.

We have included the customer experience demo of an integration with an insurance carrier and the benefits of data transparency.

See HONK in action – watch video


HONK enables the following touchless claims benefits to carriers and consumers:
  • Speed: Requests ensure roadside assistance within 15-30 minutes in most major metros and nationwide coverage
  • Reliability: Immediate access to towing, tire change, jump start, fuel delivery, lock-out service, and battery replacement (coming soon)
  • Affordability: Free apps shows haggle-free pricing upfront with no membership fees
  • Transparency: The Honk Smart Assistant chatbot leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to power automated communications, track a caller’s exact location along with the service provider’s name and number and ETA, and allows end-users to rate level of service
  • Efficiency: GPS location dispatching speed sets an industry record, locating the best-positioned service provider in under four minutes
  • Coverage: The largest marketplace network of over 75,000 service providers nationwide
  • Security and compliance: Service providers meet minimum criteria for safety and quality

To learn more, visit www.honkforhelp.com