HONK Setting Up Tow Professional Partners For Continued Growth

Tow truck professionals join HONK to innovate faster and move their businesses into the digital age

The global towing and roadside assistance industry is expected to reach $29 billion by 2026*. With strong growth anticipated in this market, tow professionals are facing numerous economic and business challenges that have and will continue to affect their level of profitability. This includes finding partners that empower a more efficient workflow to keep operational costs down and set their businesses up for the exponential growth driven by the increased demand for digital roadside solutions. Over seventy-thousand tow professionals have turned to HONK Technologies, an innovative on-demand mobility and roadside assistance platform for connecting motorists, tow professionals, and insurers, to ensure they remain prepared to sustain growth with the transition of an increasing amount of their revenue coming from digital platforms.

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To support the growth and demand of tow professional Partners relying on HONK’s expertise in touchless, digital roadside platforms to lead them through the move to a business optimized for a digitalized app-based ecosystem, HONK has hired towing business industry veteran and driver advocate, Shelli Hawkins, formerly with Zips/AW Direct. In her new role on the HONK Product Team, Shelli will work closely with HONK Partners to identify potential new products and features, define industry and company best practices, conduct market research, and represent the voice of the digital tow professional community. Her 10+ years of experience and deep understanding of the needs of the industry’s leading tow professionals aligns with HONK’s goal to build products that empower tow professional Partners to ensure they are well-positioned for the full transition to digital roadside.

“The towing and roadside industry is more than just a job to me,” states Shelli, “it’s personal and it’s my calling. It’s really simple. I love people. I have found an industry and role where I am helping people help other people. I understand that every business owner is trying to figure out that secret recipe, the “tried and true method”, that works best in their target area, economic environment and helps them build a strong towing and roadside business. With HONK, I have the ability to help these hard-working tow professionals set themselves up to win. By adding HONK into their business strategies, it prepares them for the future of technology enabled towing and roadside assistance.”  

If you own a towing or roadside assistance company and are interested in becoming a HONK Partner, you can sign up for free at joinhonk.com If you’re a Partner and want to be featured, follow us at facebook.com/honk4help and send us a direct message.

Tow truck photo credit: A.S.A.P Towing & Recovery