How To Modernize Your Roadside Assistance Program for 2020

We are living in unprecedented times that have brought unprecedented challenges for consumers and businesses alike. The insurance industry, in particular, has been disrupted by COVID-19 in profound ways. Insurance carriers are reeling from the moves they have to make to mitigate loss and churn, accelerate digital transformation and automation efforts, improve safety, and generally reconsider operations. Fleet management companies are doing their best to keep their costs low at this time and need to look for ways to unlock greater productivity by keeping vehicles up and running at all times. 

Realign Toward Efficiency, Value & Growth

Now is the time for these businesses to act proactively: to empower economic recovery; innovate and reimagine business models and services; and to serve policyholders whose needs appear to be rapidly changing; and ultimately realign their business toward efficiency, value, and growth.

As a digital transformation partner, HONK assists in turning roadside assistance programs into key brand builders for customer loyalty and retention. While delivering exceptional omnichannel customer experiences, HONK’s level of service fosters additional elements of value, resulting in happier customers. Happier customers typically stay longer, purchase more products, and provide more referrals. HONK’s technology allows carriers to modernize their roadside assistance claims process.

Be There, When Your Customers Need YOU

Towing and roadside assistance services are one of the highest volume claims for top insurance carriers. A roadside breakdown is considered a “moment of truth” for customers, if carriers fail to meet customer expectations during this key touchpoint, they could lose customers. HONK manages roadside assistance programs for top insurance carriers, fleet management companies, auto OEMs, and mobility service businesses, most discover a plethora of benefits and opportunities after switching to HONK. From NPS ratings in the 90s to double-digit increases in customer retention and fewer customer complaints, making the HONK experience a key differentiator for their business. 

While traditional roadside assistance models create service provider territories, the HONK approach is different. Instead of removing competition-based performance incentives from the providers’ network, HONKs revolutionary on-demand roadside marketplace removes contractually guaranteed territory business for service providers. This enables HONK to dispatch the best positioned and highest performing service providers within minutes for your customers nationwide. From a carefully curated network of over 75,000 available service professionals, your customers benefit from fast arrival times. Most HONK service providers arrive within 15-30 minutes.

Let Your Customers Decide How They Request Roadside Assistance

HONK also makes access to your roadside program easier than ever before. Your customers can decide how they want to request service depending on their preferences. Customers choose to request service either digitally from your insurance app and website or by simply calling to utilize the virtual voice assistance or to speak with a live agent. 

HONKs unique technology doesn’t stop after dispatch.  Each roadside service requested is tracked in real-time with learning algorithms engaging with the system triggered human touchpoints. AI-powered customer digital communications are utilized to ensure the customer is kept safe and informed every step of the way. 

It’s Your Program, It’s Your Data – Powered by HONK 

Additionally, HONK seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems to get clients up and running within a few weeks not months. HONK clients rely on our powerful reporting tools equipped with full transparency into real-time performance analytics, all customer service requests, customer service request ratings, and more to manage their touchless roadside assistance claims. 

Are you ready to modernize your roadside assistance program?

Industry leaders are switching to HONK for:

  • Proximity-based dispatch for faster response times
  • Higher customer satisfaction and NPS ratings, over 90+
  • Real-time service provider tracking of the largest GPS-enabled network for end-to-end visibility
  • Omnichannel support options to allow the policyholder to choose their preferred support method (voice, web, mobile)
  • Enhanced US-based contact center, with 90% of calls answered in 12 seconds
  • Full data transparency into each service and performance in real-time
  • Seamless integration possibilities with existing legacy systems

HONK is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with operations throughout North America.

Transform your roadside assistance digital claims process with HONK. To learn more or request a demo, visit our Industry Solutions page