PODCAST – Don’s Drive-In: Roadside Assistance Simplified with Rochelle Thielen, HONK

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Roadside assistance is an area of mobility that could use a major facelift. The customer experience hasn’t changed much since we first started driving cars, but technology has finally given towing a lift and improved how we safely handle breakdowns and incidents on the roadside. 

 The new generation of roadside assistance providers rely on modern tech like artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide safe and convenient roadside help. Companies like startup HONK are changing the way companies and customers approach breakdowns and towing. On this episode of Solera Innovation Labs, Don interviews Rochelle Thielen, Executive Vice President of Partnerships at HONK, a company that utilizes a network of approved towing partners to provide on-demand roadside assistance, much like Uber and Lyft. Listen to Don and Rochelle break down the inefficiencies of the state of roadside assistance today and how technology and exceptional customer support can change the roadside game.

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