Safety Gear Dedicated Towards Keeping Women In Towing Safe

Melissa Gaglione, a 6-year veteran of the towing and roadside industry, is the founder of Safety4Her, a clothing company specifically designed to provide high-visibility gear for women in hazardous work environments. She was inspired by her own experience as a woman in the towing industry. Over the years, she struggled to find comfortable safety clothing that fit properly. The clothing available that would comply with state regulations was always too long, too wide, and/or too heavy.

Melissa created Safety4Her with the intention of providing good quality, durable, breathable, and fashionable gear for women in labor-intense workplaces. From construction sites to tow trucks, Melissa envisioned a line of clothing for towing and roadside operators that fit women’s bodies. “Just because you work in a tow truck or on a  construction site doesn’t mean you can’t be cute or comfortable doing it.”

Melissa was introduced to the towing industry when she met her fiance, a tow company owner and operator based in Milwaukee, WI. After working hard to become the head of the sales department, she began attending meetings with business partners and realized there was a need for employee uniforms displaying their company’s logo to establish a more professional appearance. As her career developed, she eventually decided that she wanted to hop into the driver’s seat and begin towing vehicles herself. 

But during the time that she was training and learning how to craft her skills, she noticed that something was off. All of the safety gear that operators were wearing on the road were tailored specifically for men. She quickly recognized this was a giant safety hazard as the loose-fitting clothing could get caught on equipment, the truck, and other things that potentially placed her in more danger.  She immediately began working on ways to address this glaring need. So in April of 2018, she proudly founded Safety4Her. 

“For me, I recognized that everyone is shaped differently. What could I do to provide a more comfortable work environment for myself and the ladies who work with me? It’s about finding clothes that fit appropriately and that keep us safe while out on jobs. That’s what Safety4Her is. I remember thinking, I need clothes that could shape my body properly. Clothes that will change as my body changes.” 

Melissa’s Safety4Her product line offers a full range of hi-vis clothing options including vests, pants/leggings, and impact-resistant gloves – all designed to properly fit women. To check out her products, visit  

Melissa wants women to feel empowered and wants to set a positive example, not only for her 5 children but also for the next generation. Today, she is set on providing safety gear for the entire family. She recently expanded the Safety4Her line to include Safety4Him, Safety4Girls, and Safety4Boys.

Melissa’s advice: “I tell my girls that if you have an idea, you have to push forward to achieve it. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Don’t be afraid to start something new. Have tough skin. Keep going. Even negativity brings exposure.” 

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