Slow Down, Move Over: What we’re doing about it

For many drivers, a breakdown can ruin an entire day pretty quickly. Without warning or notification, finding oneself disabled on the side of the highway can be pretty scary and rightly so. Between speeding vehicles and distracted motorists, the side of a highway can turn even a minor roadside mishap into a deadly incident. No one faces this reality more than you, our Partners.

“Our Service Provider Network of tow truck professionals is our biggest asset and we want to do everything we can to keep them safe” – Corey Brundage, HONK Founder & CEO

That’s why HONK is committed to making changes where it matters the most – in the minds of motorists. Motorist awareness and adherence to “Move Over” laws is unfortunately just too low. In 2019 there were about 5 deaths per month. In January of 2020 alone, the number of operator deaths more than doubled that average. This is unacceptable and in 2019, we took an intently focused approach to understanding what’s happening on the road, and how we can initiate a change.

To educate drivers of “Move Over” laws, HONK implemented several social media campaigns, passed out thousands of “Slow Down, Move Over” bumper stickers and is sponsoring various events around the country.

Educating drivers of the dangers towing professionals face daily is only one part of it though. We as a company want to make sure that we are also supporting our Partners on the road. Here are a couple of things that we’ve done to try and ensure the safety of emergency responders.

HONK instituted the “Safety Tow” for roadside jobs on the highway which encourages operators to transport drivers and vehicles away from the dangers of a highway to a safer location before performing a roadside service. We’ve also sponsored and attended the California Tow Truck Association’s National Move Over Day, and have made donations to the survivor fund in honor of the brave men and women who have lost their lives.

In addition, we will continue to make investments in our Service Provider Network of tow truck professionals over the course of 2020. With several events planned to deliver education on industry and safety trends, we will continue to spread awareness and help tow truck professionals stay safe on the side of the road in the year to come.

We want you to know that HONK will continue to fight for more conversation on this cause until we start to see an effective change. To us, one operator lost is one too many. HONK’s goal is to create a digital, safer, smarter alternative to the multiple hour-long waits and insufficient options of the past, transforming the emergency roadside assistance experience for all.

You can also get involved right now! Today, millions of drivers use Waze to get from Point A to Point B safely, receiving alerts for car accidents, police officers ahead, potholes and many other things. Currently however, there is no alert for when an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road. Let’s change that! Waze needs to know that emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road deserve their own notification within the app. Click here to cast your vote and add your name.