Tow truck operators are essential: The Unsung Heroes

As I walked my dogs this morning, I noticed a tow truck loaded with a government service vehicle. To be honest, 4 months ago I would not have taken a second look. It was a normal occurrence, a car being towed. However, I found myself thinking what would happen if tow truck operators weren’t operating during this pandemic? Who is there to help the essential worker when their car breaks down? What would happen if that vehicle belonged to a healthcare professional who is on the front line of battling this illness and was on their way to their shift at the hospital?

It is no secret that we’ve all become aware of how important essential workers are to the nation at large. Working longer than usual hours, some unable to be with their families in order to protect them from the COVID-19 virus. We do and shall continue to express gratitude for their sacrifices. Yet, there is a group of first responders who are often overlooked. 

Tow truck operators are first responders. Let’s say it again, tow truck operators are first responders. It’s time we get louder about that reality. Tow operators provide essential services across the nation. They are the ones called to action when motorists breakdown on the side of the road and is in need of a jump start, tire change, fuel for their vehicle, or a tow. Each year millions of Americans need fast and reliable towing and roadside assistance. It’s vital to keeping our roads safe and clear. Without support from tow operators nationwide, I shudder to think about the impact that would have on our nation, especially during these unprecedented times. 

As we continue to share our appreciation for these workers and show our support through various acts of kindness, let us not forget the roadside heroes who put themselves at risk every day to get motorists back on the road safely. I challenge us all to show our gratitude for these unsung roadside heroes. 

Let’s show our appreciation and get this video message to go viral – so all tow operators see this #HONKforHeroes and know we all stand together! 

To all the tow operators out there. We cannot express our gratitude for your commitment to seeing drivers in need get home safely enough.

And let’s not forget to ‘Slow Down & Move Over’ when we see any first responders on the side of the roadways. Be sure you adhere to your states ‘Move Over’ laws by reducing your speed and changing lanes if possible to give all first responders a lane of safety. You can find more information on ‘Move Over’ laws, what they are, why they are important and what we at HONK are doing to keep tow operators across the country safe.