Customers are getting helped faster than ever before

There are few times throughout history where you can point to technological innovations changing consumer behavior as much as they have over the last decade.

The culmination of this innovative boom and on-demand economy has resulted in expectations of immediacy and convenience among consumers, no matter the industry. So whether you’re ordering food, buying a gift online or hailing a ride across town – the expectations on the services that companies provide are higher today than they have ever been before.

Over the last several years HONK has consistently been at the forefront of innovation within the towing and roadside industry. This has attracted insurance companies, fleet management companies and end-to-end peer car sharing platforms to partner with HONK.

With Net Promoter Scores in the high 80s to 90s, HONK has turned roadside assistance programs into a customer retention builder for their clients. For context, the average NPS within the Automotive Insurance industry was 43 last year.

What’s even more impressive is the lightning quick ability for third-parties to plug HONK into their systems. HONK can go into pilot with a company almost immediately, allowing companies to experience the power of the HONK platform almost instantaneously.

What is HONK doing differently from its competitors?

There is a collective drive from top down to constantly focus on finding ways to improve the customer experience in every capacity. Customers requesting help through our platform are able to seamlessly request assistance without needing to talk to a person, can easily identify the exact location of their vehicle on a map for the Service Provider, can submit notes relevant to the service request and are able to track the location of the truck as it approaches their location.

Combine the transparency customers have from start to finish with the incredible work that our Service Provider Partners do on a daily basis and you create a platform that revolutionizes an industry.

Among the most impressive value props for our client base is the efficiency at which HONK is able to get a Service Provider on scene to assist a stranded motorist. At no time throughout the history of towing and roadside assistance have customers been able to receive help as fast as they are right now. Today, customers who receive assistance through HONK get help from a Service Provider 50% faster than the customers who receive help from a standard motor club.

In an effort to make the process even more efficient, we recently released a few enhancements to the app that our Partners use to dispatch and manage a job that create more transparency for the customer as well as increase on time efficiency for the Service Providers we work with.

The current HONK Partner App gives our Service Provider Partners the ability to manage the entirety of a job from the palm of their hand with relative ease. They see a Promised Arrival Time box which is mirrored on the customer’s end keeping Service Providers on track to arrive on time.

Additionally, Partners are able to open their preferred mapping application, giving them the routes that allow them to get to the customer as fast as possible. Service providers also have all job notes needed (including customer notes) to make every aspect of the service as successful as possible in a large readable format all on the home screen of their app.

Customer service expectations have changed over the years. Motorists of today expect immediate, responsive roadside assistance service, available in just a few clicks directly from their smartphones. They demand memorable customer experiences similar to those like Lyft, DoorDash, and Amazon, ones that are quick, efficient, reliable, and personalized.

The primary focus for HONK has always been on digital dispatching that connected customers to the nearest available towing and roadside company. Today, we are delivering on those goals.

If you work in the insurance, fleet management or other relevant industries and are interested in learning more about how HONK can turn your roadside assistance program into a powerful retention builder for your client base, please visit our Industry Solutions page for more information.