HONK maintains high standard of service during pandemic thanks to Service Providers

As Americans return to roads en masse, lockdown restrictions are eased and schools and offices open back up, the demand for roadside assistance is higher at this moment than it’s ever been.

While traditional motor clubs and other roadside providers are struggling to meet the demands of their clients and return to pre-pandemic service levels, HONK Technologies has had success in maintaining key performance indicators like high NPS and low ETAs throughout the last year and a half.

How have we mitigated the effects of the pandemic and maintained industry leading service levels during this time? More than anything it’s been the resilience, perseverance and hard work of our Service Provider network.

You may point out that Service Providers are independent contractors who probably do (or were doing work) for multiple vendors at the same time. So what makes HONK different? Why have our service level metrics remained high while other vendors struggle with elongated wait times and a shortage of providers willing to take their jobs

It’s simple. We invest in our network and treat them as true Partners – meeting them where they are, listening to their needs, and building technology that will help their businesses grow. While traditional motor clubs and roadsides have scaled back their involvement with towers, HONK Technologies has doubled down. 

Here’s what we’re doing differently and why it matters:

Hiring industry veterans

Since 2019, HONK has brought on multiple veterans who have worked in various capacities in the towing and roadside sector. Their invaluable experience allows our company to get a better understanding of previous industry shortcomings and offers insight that only true “insiders” would know about. 

Attending tow shows across the country

We love attending tow shows! It’s a great opportunity to get facetime and have real meaningful discussions with our network. In 2021, as others have been decreasing their presence at these events, HONK will attend close to 10 shows at various locations across the country. This includes the recent American Towman Showplace in Las Vegas, co-hosted by The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA). 

“HONK’s presence at tow shows and on social media is focused on making our industry safer and better,” said ERSCA President Quinn Piening.

Hosting discussion forums and launching the Get Hooked Podcast

In the last year, we’ve launched the Get Hooked Podcast, a monthly podcast featuring leaders and experts from across the industry, and HONK Live!, a bi-weekly live broadcast on Facebook to talk about various topics facing the industry today. It’s been a great way for us to further establish our connection with the industry and foster meaningful conversations with those who know it best. Guests on both shows have included Quinn Piening of ERSCA, Justin Cruse of WreckMaster, Dennie Ortiz and Ellen Rosengart of American Towman and so many more. 

Offering multiple platforms for Service Providers to ask questions and participate in these conversations with the HONK Team allows us to interact directly with the people that matter most.

Building products that will help make businesses more efficient

Facilitating discussions, bringing in experts, and producing meaningful content is important, but what we do with the information we gather is what really sets us apart for our Partners. We use this data to build tools that will help their business succeed. We’re consistently building products that benefit the small businesses that make up this industry. Whether it’s building out the fastest payment system in the industry or  launching a full scale dashboard that provides company owners with data points about their performance enabling them to become more efficient – we do this because we care about the people and companies that we work with.

Why does all this matter?

Without our network of Service Providers we wouldn’t be here. We understand that the success of HONK is closely tied to the success of our network. Investing in them and treating them as vital parts of our business is important. It fosters an understanding that HONK is working to help their business grow, become more efficient, increase their revenue and provide them with the tools they need to be as successful as possible.

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