Solving complex last mile logistics with transparent, trackable, one-click transports

The explosion of digital services across everyday life has reached the world of automotive retailers. With companies like Carvana introducing new technologies into the automotive marketplace, buying and selling cars for consumers has become easier than ever.

The ease of use and practicality makes for a user experience consumers in the 21st century have become accusotmed to.

But as these companies continue to grow and demand increases, it will become more and more logistically difficult for these companies to meet the expectations that they’ve set forth for their customers.

Specifically, I am talking about the “black hole” of last mile transportation. For automotive retailers, transferring cars long distances isn’t the difficult part. They can schedule large transport vehicles to carry multiple vehicles at one time to cities or regions where their customers are based. The trickiness starts at getting a singular vehicle to a specific destination.

Oftentimes, for companies like these, the final delivery destinations lie in harder to reach residential communities where large trucks may not be able to reach. On top of that, scheduling the delivery or pickup for each order means having to make thousands upon thousands of phone calls and having to manually track individual services – all of which is extremely time-consuming to coordinate and manage.

And while there are services that can help these businesses get their inventory to the final destination, the process can be slow and can lack transparency leaving these companies in the dark during an extended period of time. This lack of oversight, even for a short while, leaves retailers open to risk of delays or even damage.

Luckily, for auto retailers a solution exists that can help mitigate some of the problems caused by the final end of the supply chain. Digital mobile transport platforms like HONK have spent the last several years building out high-performing transport networks of professional towing companies that are suited to pick up and deliver vehicles quickly, safely, while being completely trackable.

At HONK we’ve been hyper-focused on creating amazing customer experiences for our clients, primarily through their roadside assistance programs. This has led to the building of a platform that has the capability to provide transparent, trackable vehicle transports for auto retailers. We’ve built technology that not only gives customers live updates of the vehicle transport as it approaches their location, it also gives clients complete oversight over individual services as well as complete data oversight over the performance of their program.

HONK’s nationwide network of verified and background checked Service Providers with over 75,000 service trucks provides auto retailers with the technology and the network it needs to transport their inventory safely and efficiently to its final destination.

It’s a perfect solution to address the complexities of “last mile” transportation. Vendors working with a company like HONK can not only schedule a service with the click of a button (knowing that a tow professional will arrive quickly to transport the vehicle), they can also monitor the service by getting real-time updates over the duration of the transport request.

Digital auto retailers have innovated and revolutionized the way people buy and sell cars. There’s no reason for them to use the supply chain methods of old to move their inventory when a better, more innovative method already exists.

To learn more about HONK’s vehicle logisitcs platform visit our Vehicle Logistics page.