HONK Partner Video Series: Ayala’s Towing

Learn how HONK Partner Ayala’s Towing has grown its towing and roadside business with HONK. Five years ago, Ayala’s Towing purchased a new tow truck and wanted more jobs from new revenue streams. HONK helped Ayala’s Towing grow its business. One unexpected benefit was HONK’s industry-leading fast payments – complete a job and get paid the same day.   

“We started working with HONK because we needed more work. The HONK App is so easy to use, and HONK sends us jobs close to our available trucks. We’ve been with HONK for five years now, and they’ve helped us grow our business and build valuable relationships.” Eric from Ayala’s Towing.
“The one thing I appreciate about HONK is their “same-day” payments. Props to HONK for doing that! No other company does that. I don’t have to wait to get paid after completing a job. It makes my life easier.” Eric from Ayala’s Towing

HONK Partner contact info:  Eric from Ayala’s Towing, Bakersfield, California.  https://www.ayalatowing.com/ Phone # (661) 401-4205