HONK Partner Series Video: M A Towing

Hear why Alonzo and RJ from MA Towing in Milton, Georgia have less stress and fewer time-consuming phone calls. Let me give you one hint – it’s from going digital with HONK. Listen in to another HONK Partner Series video and learn why MA Towing feels HONK is a good business tool to help grow your tow company while maintaining full dispatch control to run their business how they want.

“I gave HONK a try. After downloading the HONK app, within 20-minutes I had my first job just 2 miles away. Then another 5 miles away, and then another all back to back in the same area. It was easy and extremely convenient. It works just like Uber!” Alonzo from M A Towing.
“With HONK jobs, I have less stress and fewer phone calls because all necessary customer information is always in the app – it’s streamlined. HONK has perfected it. It makes each service call so much easier. HONK has really changed the game!” Alonzo from M A Towing
HONK Partner contact info:  Alonzo and RJ from M A Towing, Milton, Georgia. 
M A Towing website
Phone # (678) 393-3070