Why Towing & Roadside Service Providers Love HONK

The Roadside Assistance Industry is expected to be a $29 Billion industry by 2026. As a key player in this industry, our mission at HONK is to relentlessly deliver game-changing platform technology transforming how people, brands and service providers connect in this new, on-demand world.

Our vision of roadside assistance for the 21st century is not just a fix for a broken-down car, it’s a complete technology solution that provides the fastest and most reliable way to restore mobility for those who have lost it; turning car breakdowns into nothing more than a small bump in the road for customers.

For Service Provider Partners (our Roadside Heros), HONK provides them more jobs with no motor club hassle. We reward them with flexible ways to connect with nearby motorists in need of their services from innovative tools that allow them to operate more efficiently, ultimately growing their business on their own terms.

HONK is creating a powerful Service Provider network by investing in educating our valuable Partners on what’s ahead for the first time in our industry. Our goal is to create a digital, safer, smarter alternative to the multiple hour-long waits and insufficient options of the past, transforming the emergency roadside assistance experience for all.

At our most recent Partner Appreciation Roadshow event held in Seattle, we met with over 40 Partners from that area. They told us that HONK is the only roadside assistance platform ecosystem that is taking the time to meet with them in-person to help them better understand industry trends, provide how-to guidance that helps them grow their business, and sets up events that encourage networking with others in the field. HONK provides these types of value-added services free of charge for its Partners, and of course, we cannot forget about the great food, cold drinks and Dave and Buster’s fun that goes with it.

Our Partners Love HONK

“I love HONK, for any tow truck driver who is looking to boost their business to the fullest, HONK is definitely the place to join. They have the most accurate dispatchers in the market. Also, their ability to pay you just as fast as you do the job, makes them a force to be reckoned with. I give them 5-stars.”  – Owner of Its All About The Benjamins Towing Company

“Great one-on-one time with my HONK representative – Thanks!” – Partner comment from Seattle Roadshow

“HONK does the most for its Service Providers.” – Partner comment from Seattle Roadshow

“The GPS saves me gas and time. I don’t have to drive around and look for the customer, all the information is there. I’m really happy with it, it’s really been great.” – Daniel from Jump Start Hero

“HONK has definitely picked up my business. I would tell any service provider that it is a great benefit to [your] company. The whole system is user friendly, it’s awesome.” – Larry from Frazier Roadside Service

“HONK has positively affected my business …resulting in a about a 390% increase in revenue. Needless to say, I am a fan.” – Lucas from Eastside Roadside

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