Changing a flat tire: one of the great American pastimes. Well, maybe not, but a flat tire is something we’ll all face at some point. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to change that flat.

One of the most common calls for a tow truck can be prevented with one cent. We’re talking one U.S. penny to avoid the aftermath of worn tires: sudden blowouts, hydroplaning, low gas mileage and more. And you can do-it-yourself. 

Breaking down is scary. And it’s scary dangerous. Follow these guidelines to stay safe in a roadside emergency.

  • When you break down, get your car off the road. Move to the side of the road, emergency lane or shoulder. The goal is staying as far away from traffic as possible. 

While HONK does not test alternators, here is a handy article on how you can do it yourself.

The alternator supplies all of the car’s electric needs, plus recharges the battery when your engine is running. Failing alternator signs are dim headlights or interior lights, weak starter sound when starting the engine and car die after sitting overnight.

Twenty-three percent of all vehicle crashes are weather-related. Of those, 74 percent occur on wet pavement, and 46 percent happen during rainfall. You can make a few simple adjustments to make sure that you are a safer driver in the rain.

Preparation doesn’t stop when you’re behind the wheel. Put together a car emergency kit now, and pat yourself on the back later.

The contents of the kit are customizable based on how, where and when you drive. Consider the weather, road conditions and your behavior, and use our guide to assemble your emergency essentials.

  • First aid supplies: Your mom was right, you’ll be glad you have this someday.

Is your tire blown?

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Incorrect tire pressure is the leading cause of tire failure, posing a major safety risk for serious accidents.

Under- and over-inflation also decrease tire durability and fuel economy.

Check your tire pressure seasonally and before any road trip using these simple steps.