Josh was a teenage kid like anyone else. He played music, he went to school, he had a lot of friends and was supported by a loving family. He was just like any other kid his age. But like many teenagers, Josh used his phone while behind the wheel of a car. This is his story as told by his family and friends.

This article was first published on onfleet.com and reposted with their permission.

At first glance, the day-to-day existence of an Edwardian-era Yorkshire aristocrat bears scant resemblance to that of a modern Silicon Valley technophile. Not so! The innumerable conveniences afforded by On-Demand startups have succeeded in bridging the glaring generational, geographic, and Grantham-y gaps that divide the two. In a historical twist that would have surely left the Dowager Countess with a perma-scowl, the ubiquity of smartphones and VC-funding have extended such luxuries as personal chefs, drivers, and butlers to the common plebe—no pedigree required.

Printable Jump Start Guide

Most of us learned the basics of jumpstarting a car with a dead battery when we first learned to drive. And thankfully, some of us haven’t had to put those skills to use in quite some time. That’s no excuse to forget everything you ever knew about properly — and safely — jumping a car, so we put together a reminder guide you can print at home and keep with your jumper cables if the time comes to put them to use. Download the how-to-jump-start PDF.   Be sure to share or print one for your teen driver, too!

April Fools’ Day is once again upon us. For some people it’s a day they look forward to all year, for others it’s a day they wished just didn’t exist. But no matter what your sentiment about today is, there’s one thing we can agree upon – and that is that there is nothing funnier than watching other people get pranked.

So whether you’re looking for ideas on how to prank your friends or are purely looking for some entertainment while you wait out the rest of your Friday at work, we’ve compiled some of the funniest towing and car pranks from around the Internet for your viewing pleasure.

Lock your keys in your car again? Sure, you could go to Google and find a ton of articles giving you step-by-step instructions on how to break into your own car. TV and Youtube make it look easy, so how hard could it really be, right? Time, money and pride can be pretty convincing when you’re in a pinch.

On one hand, you could turn to the Internet and try get back into your car without calling for help. On the other hand, you could damage your car by trying to break in yourself, which could likely cost even more than if you had just called a professional in the first place. And that’s assuming no one calls the authorities on your break-in attempt. The positives don’t outweigh the negatives in this situation, and here’s why:

Spring is an awesome time of year. The sun stays out longer, the weather gets warmer, the trees and flowers begin to blossom. It’s the perfect time to take a drive down to the beach, lake or river. The perfect time to take a few days off work or school and road trip to that place you’ve been thinking about all winter long.

We love this time of year, and we want to share our excitement with you. So we’ve put together a downloadable Spring Break Playlist full of music from Beyonce and Outkast to Tame Impala and Daft Punk. Now all you’ll have to do is roll down the windows, turn up the volume and hit the road for your next big adventure.

The auto industry loves to use acronyms, which may abbreviate the term as well as increase the confusion for every day drivers. But knowing what a FP is or how many MPGs your car gets is important. We put together this handy list of terms to know for just those occasions. Bookmark now, and thank us later.

Imagine this: you’re sitting on the side of the road after getting into a minor accident. Your car isn’t wrecked, but it’s also not drivable. Lucky for you, a tow truck happens to be passing by and offers to lend you a hand. You’re relieved; your car’s going to be towed to a shop and before you know it, you’ll be back on the road. That is until you’re handed the bill and realize that simple tow actually cost you thousands of dollars.

Owning and operating a vehicle can be an expensive responsibility, requiring a lot of our hard earned money for maintenance to ensure it stays up and running. According to AAA, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,698, $900 of which is spent on maintenance alone. The upside? A good amount of that general maintenance can actually be done ourselves for a much lower cost than taking it to the shop, which can put a nice chunk of cash back in our pockets.

Here are some of the most basic DIY tune-ups to bring out your inner mechanic and save you a pretty penny.

Maybe it was a minor accident or a flat tire. Perhaps your battery died. Either way, you’re on the side of the road, and help is already on its way. While you wait, make the most of your time. These steps will prepare you for the service pro arriving, and they’ll help ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle.