Secondary tows. What are they? And why do they cause headaches for so many?

Most auto theft recovery damage claims and vehicles involved in accidents will be towed immediately from the scene to a temporary holding location such as an impound lot, storage facility, or customer’s driveway. The damaged vehicle will then get evaluated by an insurance adjuster and moved for a second time (secondary tow) to an approved DRP (direct repair program) location or another repair facility for the actual repair to begin.

We are living in unprecedented times that have brought unprecedented challenges for consumers and businesses alike. The insurance industry, in particular, has been disrupted by COVID-19 in profound ways. Insurance carriers are reeling from the moves they have to make to mitigate loss and churn, accelerate digital transformation and automation efforts, improve safety, and generally reconsider operations. Fleet management companies are doing their best to keep their costs low at this time and need to look for ways to unlock greater productivity by keeping vehicles up and running at all times. 

How insurers, fleets, and OEMs can transition their roadside assistance programs from underperforming loss-leaders to brand building retention and loyalty engines. As the legendary lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) once said about his amplifier in the iconic movie ‘This is Spinal Tap’: “What we do, is if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? We put it up to eleven – one louder.” 

Tow truck professionals join HONK to innovate faster and move their businesses into the digital age

The global towing and roadside assistance industry is expected to reach $29 billion by 2026*. With strong growth anticipated in this market, tow professionals are facing numerous economic and business challenges that have and will continue to affect their level of profitability. This includes finding partners that empower a more efficient workflow to keep operational costs down and set their businesses up for the exponential growth driven by the increased demand for digital roadside solutions.

The global towing and roadside assistance market continues to undergo a technological transformation. Today digitally connected motorists expect immediate, responsive roadside assistance services, available in just a few clicks directly from their smartphones and mobile apps that mirror the memorable, efficient and reliable digital customer experiences similar to their favorite brands – like Amazon, Zappos, Netflix, Postmates and Uber.  

Is your towing and roadside business up to speed with the latest tech advancements in the industry?

Self-driving cars. Connected vehicles. On-demand car ownership. Mobility services. Touchless insurance claims. Next-generation roadside assistance.

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The global vehicle roadside assistance market is currently undergoing a transformation. With an estimated market value expected to reach $29 billion by 2026*, today’s digitally connected motorists expect more than ever before. They expect immediate, responsive roadside assistance service, available in just a few clicks directly from their smartphones. They want memorable customer experiences similar to those like Amazon and Uber, ones that are efficient, reliable, and personalized. HONK is delivering on that request. 

HONK Technologies, the platform for connecting drivers, towing professionals and insurers, today announces that Rochelle Thielen, an automotive industry expert with over fifteen years of experience in the Auto Physical Damage (APD) and Insurtech space has been named to the newly created role of Executive Vice President, Partnerships, leading the development of partnerships throughout the roadside assistance tech ecosystem. Formerly HONK’s Vice President of Marketplace Operations, Rochelle will be driving strategic growth opportunities aimed at accelerating HONK’s mission to radically improve, through relentless platform technology advancements, the way people in need of roadside assistance and mobility services connect with service providers and insurance carriers.