HONK Technologies, the platform for connecting drivers, towing professionals and insurers, today announces that Rochelle Thielen, an automotive industry expert with over fifteen years of experience in the Auto Physical Damage (APD) and Insurtech space has been named to the newly created role of Executive Vice President, Partnerships, leading the development of partnerships throughout the roadside assistance tech ecosystem. Formerly HONK’s Vice President of Marketplace Operations, Rochelle will be driving strategic growth opportunities aimed at accelerating HONK’s mission to radically improve, through relentless platform technology advancements, the way people in need of roadside assistance and mobility services connect with service providers and insurance carriers.

When it comes to roadside assistance, motorists on the road don’t need a tire change, what they need is to pick up one of their children from school, on-time. At HONK our vision of roadside assistance for the 21st century is not just a fix for a broken-down car, it’s a complete technology solution that provides the fastest and most reliable way to restore mobility for those who have lost it; turning car break downs into nothing more than a small bump in the road…and If you agree with that statement, then what you need is HONK! 

HONK is transforming the roadside assistance customer experience through innovation!


“We are continuing to transform roadside assistance by reaching beyond just the breakdown. Our team is aggressively driving roadside ecosystem integrations, investments, M&A, and partnerships while continuing to build new tech and business processes that deliver innovation for our Service Provider Network, our insurance, fleet, and automotive clients, and most importantly the drivers who depend on us in their time of need,” states Rochelle Thielen, Executive Vice President, Partnerships at HONK Technologies. HONK, with its leadership position in technology and business innovation, has a unique vantage point from which to drive collaboration with strategic partners across the ecosystem, removing complexities from the roadside assistance experience and building next-generation mobility services to meet the new digital demands of motorists, clients and service providers, while driving value for all segments.

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According to the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends just over 100 minutes sitting in a car every single day. That means more than an hour and a half of sitting in an upright seated position with little to no mobility. Combine this with the stress accompanied by sitting in traffic, and you’ve got yourself a problem. So what can you do about it?

While you may not be able to leave the driver’s seat for a quick run, you can still work some movement into your in-car time. So the next time you’re commuting to work or on a long road trip, refer back to these simple yoga moves that’ll help you get through the long ride.

Summer is finally here! Which means that it’s time to load the car, grab your friends and hit the open road. Whether you’re looking for a pre-trip checklist, games that you can play in the car or what some of the top destinations across the country are — we’ve got you covered.

We’ve written a lot about road trips in the past, so we’ve decided to compile every article we’ve ever published on the matter into one article. Everything you need in order to make your next trip the best it can be can be found below. Safe travels!

The color of your car can say a lot about you. You may not have known that, but it’s true. In fact, the color of a person’s car can serve as psychological shortcut into that person. So for those of you feeling like horoscopes aren’t cutting it these days, here’s the lowdown of what your car hue says about you.

“I think it’s just going to become normal. Like an elevator. They used to have elevator operators, and then we developed some simple circuitry to have elevators just come to the floor that you’re at, you just press the button. Nobody needs to operate the elevator. The car is just going to be like that.”

That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to say to an interview with Gizmodo when asked about the future of autonomous cars. But with the technological advancements we’ve made in regards to self-driving vehicles — among a host of many other things — what exactly does this mean for the future of our roads?

A road trip can create memories that can last a lifetime — sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Before you set off on your next big adventure, you’ll want to make sure your car’s good to go. The last thing you want is to break down in the middle of nowhere. That sounds like a memory you could do without. Here’s what you can do to make sure it doesn’t become a reality.

Spring is an awesome time of year. The sun stays out longer, the weather gets warmer, the trees and flowers begin to blossom. It’s the perfect time to take a drive down to the beach, lake or river. The perfect time to take a few days off work or school and road trip to that place you’ve been thinking about all winter long.

We love this time of year, and we want to share our excitement with you. So we’ve put together a downloadable Spring Break Playlist full of music from Beyonce and Outkast to Tame Impala and Daft Punk. Now all you’ll have to do is roll down the windows, turn up the volume and hit the road for your next big adventure.

It’s no secret that car rides and young children don’t exactly mix well. Parents of young children know the infamous ‘Are We There Yet Syndrome’ like the back of their hands. It begins with basic squirming and restlessness, but in no time can evolve into full-on tears. But when driving is a must, how do we make an enclosed space a more engaging experience for children?

For so many of us, our phones are more than just phones. We run our entire lives through these pocket-sized handheld devices. Whether it’s checking emails, navigating your way through traffic, connecting with friends over social media or texting with family – connectivity via our phones is a modern must-have. We’ve rounded up some ways to keep that connection easily and efficiently when traveling. Read on to save yourself the stress of losing touch and maybe even a few bucks.