With a fleet of 19 trucks, 7 operators, 2 dispatchers and a 2-year-old who prefers a Peterbilt to a Freightliner, Alex Shopen of A.S.A.P Towing & Recovery has his hands full. And that’s how he likes it. Alex, a tow industry veteran of 10+ years began his towing journey in San Diego, CA. Initially, his love of everything automobile led him to the towing industry. “I bought and resold cars. Most of the time they weren’t running and every time I had to pay for a tow, it would be $100 here, $100 there. So I bought my own tow truck.”


If you cracked open a dictionary and looked up the word ”towlife” you might see a picture of V&M Towing and Recovery owners Valerie and Mark. Determined to create a company they could be proud of, they began learning all they could about the industry and the process to becoming certified operators. When a friend educated them on the nuances of owning a towing business, Mark and Valerie were convinced the towing industry was where they belonged.


Customer Service and Entrepreneurship. Two concepts, when mastered, that are distinct indicators for why a business grows. In the towing industry, a customer’s experience and their perspective of a job’s execution has significant impact on a company’s reputation. “Let us be your hero” is the slogan for K & V Roadside Assistance, a towing company that knows all about producing first-class customer experiences.

Angelo Mazzio was born a son of the tow industry. From an early age he lived and breathed the tow life. Growing up, he watched as his family owned and operated a towing and roadside assistance company serving members of their community in numerous roadside emergencies. While mastering the complexities of operating a tow truck, Angelo always knew becoming a tow truck operator would be his life’s work.

Naturally, as his respect for the industry deepened and his fascination of tow trucks increased he decided it was time to open his own tow truck business. “Since I was born in the tow industry I’ve always liked tow trucks. That’s what made me start my company.”

At HONK we value our network of Partners who execute high levels of service and professionalism in emergency situations. When it comes down to it, motorists need assurance they will be cared for and we strive to provide that peace of mind. That goal is impossible without you, our Partners. When we receive positive reviews from customers about a Partner who has consistently exceeded their expectations, we want to share their story.


“I started out doing ride alongs. Growing up, my uncles all drove tow trucks and I knew one day I would too.”

For the past 10 years Eric, owner and operator of C&E Towing Services LLC in Wynette, GA has been a part of the towing industry. As a second generation operator, Eric incorporates his core family values into the care he gives to the customers he serves everyday.

At HONK, we believe our Service Provider Network is our biggest asset and we value our Partners for the work they do.  As our appreciation, we like to ‘shine the spotlight’ on Service Providers and their companies.  In our last HONK newsletter, The HOOK UP, we asked Partners to submit their favorite tow story for a chance to be featured in the HONK Partner Spotlight.   

If you had the opportunity to increase the amount of business that your company did on a regular basis, would you take it? That was one of the questions Daniel of Jump Start HERO asked himself when he looked into becoming a HONK Partner.

That was a year ago, and today Jump Start HERO has become one of HONK’s most trusted Partners. For Daniel and his company it was the simplicity and flexibility that enticed him to sign up as a provider.

Over the past 10 years we have seen technology change our lives in ways we never could have fathomed. Some of these technological advancements have come in smaller, less formidable forms, while others contain the power to change industries that have been around for decades.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of towing and roadside assistance. And while the industry has had several overhauls during this time, the technology presented today has the ability to change it forever. Evidence of this isn’t hard to find either, all you have to do is talk with seasoned professionals to get an idea of how things have changed.