At HONK, we sincerely believe our Service Provider Network is our biggest asset and we value our Partners for the work they do.  As our appreciation, every quarter we like to ‘shine the spotlight’ on one of our Service Providers.  

This quarter’s HONK Partner Spotlight goes to RED HORSE RECOVERY & TOWING 

Red Horse Recovery & Towing located in Hampton, SC, provides automotive towing service, roadside assistance and also offers a complete line of towing services. Their experienced and trained towing and recovery professionals operate the latest recovery equipment to ensure your car or truck is recovered quickly, safely and at the best possible price.

Red Horse joined the HONK Partner Network to help grow their business. They were looking for an additional revenue stream to keep their drivers busy and trucks out in the field during non-peak times. HONK’s customer-first roadside assistance platform connected them to nearby motorists in need of towing and roadside assistance. Red Horse found value in HONK’s optimized dispatch technology that provides instant job alerts, real-time ETAs, GPS pin-point location data, and a driver/customer communications channel, allowing them to grow their businesses on their own terms while receiving payments quickly.     

Robert Godley, owner of Red Horse likes HONK’s job flexibility and easy to use driver app. “We didn’t have to sign a contract and we’re not obligated to do anything. We just take jobs when we can. With the HONK app, I pick and choose the jobs we take to keep my drivers busy.” 

Robert and one of his driver’s Glen were aware of HONK after reading about them on a few Facebook groups for towing companies. They were pleased that many other tow professionals and actual customers of the service had good things to say about HONK. They also met the HONK team at the Florida Tow Show and at the Tennessee Tow Show this year and in early October they decided to give HONK a try and they joined their Service Provider Partner Network. According to Robert, the HONK signup process was simple, all they had to do was submit their certificate of insurance and request their free background checks and they started seeing job alerts come through. 

Congratulations again Red Horse Recovery & Towing, the team at HONK appreciates everything you do!  Thank you for being a valued Partner.  

For a glimpse into Red Horse Recovery & Towing, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedHorseRecoveryandTowing/

Here are a few pics of their awesome fleet of trucks in action!


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At HONK, we believe our Service Provider Network is our biggest asset and we value our Partners for the work they do.  As our appreciation, we like to ‘shine the spotlight’ on Service Providers and their companies.  In our last HONK newsletter, The HOOK UP, we asked Partners to submit their favorite tow story for a chance to be featured in the HONK Partner Spotlight.   

This quarter’s HONK Partner Spotlight goes to SWFT TOWING out of Colorado Springs, CO.  

Eddie Lopez of SWFT TOWING submitted their story and pictures (Thanks Eddie!).  SWFT TOWING offers 24/7 roadside assistance, capable of towing everything from cars, motorcycles to semi-trucks. They specialize in extreme snow, mud and accident recoveries and even provide on-site mechanics.  They have built up their extreme recovery fleet with several specialty rigs designed to go anywhere to get people and their vehicles out, no matter where they are. 

One of their service areas includes Cheyenne Mountain, a triple-peaked mountain in El Paso County, Colorado, southwest of downtown Colorado Springs. The mountain serves as a host for military, communications, recreational, and residential functions. Many of their extreme recoveries take place in this area. 

Congratulations again SWFT TOWING, the team at HONK appreciates everything you do!  Thank you for being a valued Partner.  

For a glimpse into SWFT TOWING (https://swfttowing.com/)

Here are a few pictures of their specialty vehicles: 

SWFT TOWING’s decked-out Jeep is used for extreme snow recoveries at Cheyenne Mountain.

Their camo beast is a Hummer H1, used for mountain recoveries. We love the camo look!

One of their fully equipped tow trucks is used for all sorts of roadside assistance and towing services.  

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The Roadside Assistance Industry is expected to be a $29 Billion industry by 2026. As a key player in this industry, our mission at HONK is to relentlessly deliver game-changing platform technology transforming how people, brands and service providers connect in this new, on-demand world.

Our vision of roadside assistance for the 21st century is not just a fix for a broken-down car, it’s a complete technology solution that provides the fastest and most reliable way to restore mobility for those who have lost it; turning car breakdowns into nothing more than a small bump in the road for customers.

For Service Provider Partners (our Roadside Heros), HONK provides them more jobs with no motor club hassle. We reward them with flexible ways to connect with nearby motorists in need of their services from innovative tools that allow them to operate more efficiently, ultimately growing their business on their own terms.

HONK is creating a powerful Service Provider network by investing in educating our valuable Partners on what’s ahead for the first time in our industry. Our goal is to create a digital, safer, smarter alternative to the multiple hour-long waits and insufficient options of the past, transforming the emergency roadside assistance experience for all.

At our most recent Partner Appreciation Roadshow event held in Seattle, we met with over 40 Partners from that area. They told us that HONK is the only roadside assistance platform ecosystem that is taking the time to meet with them in-person to help them better understand industry trends, provide how-to guidance that helps them grow their business, and sets up events that encourage networking with others in the field. HONK provides these types of value-added services free of charge for its Partners, and of course, we cannot forget about the great food, cold drinks and Dave and Buster’s fun that goes with it.

Our Partners Love HONK

“I love HONK, for any tow truck driver who is looking to boost their business to the fullest, HONK is definitely the place to join. They have the most accurate dispatchers in the market. Also, their ability to pay you just as fast as you do the job, makes them a force to be reckoned with. I give them 5-stars.”  – Owner of Its All About The Benjamins Towing Company

“Great one-on-one time with my HONK representative – Thanks!” – Partner comment from Seattle Roadshow

“HONK does the most for its Service Providers.” – Partner comment from Seattle Roadshow

“The GPS saves me gas and time. I don’t have to drive around and look for the customer, all the information is there. I’m really happy with it, it’s really been great.” – Daniel from Jump Start Hero

“HONK has definitely picked up my business. I would tell any service provider that it is a great benefit to [your] company. The whole system is user friendly, it’s awesome.” – Larry from Frazier Roadside Service

“HONK has positively affected my business …resulting in a about a 390% increase in revenue. Needless to say, I am a fan.” – Lucas from Eastside Roadside

Are you a towing and roadside service provider? Visit Join HONK to learn more.

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As a growing company we are always looking for ways to improve. Which is why we are constantly asking our Partners what we can do and how we can get better. Every month we will be asking you a question that we think will help us out in the future. We look forward to reading your answers!

Partner Question of the Month

While we’re working away in our offices trying to make sure that everything is running smoothly, it is you, the service provider who is doing the most important job of all.

Assisting stranded motorists in their time of need is no easy task. And we want you to know that your hard work will never go unnoticed.

So here’s a list of messages we’ve received from customers around the country who you have serviced, assisted and gotten back on the road.

If you had the opportunity to increase the amount of business that your company did on a regular basis, would you take it? That was one of the questions Daniel of Jump Start HERO asked himself when he looked into becoming a HONK Partner.

That was a year ago, and today Jump Start HERO has become one of HONK’s most trusted Partners. For Daniel and his company it was the simplicity and flexibility that enticed him to sign up as a provider.

When you sign up to become a HONK Partner, you not only get to set your own rates, list the services that you provide and indicate how far you’re willing to drive to complete a job — but you are also able to download the HONK Partner app. The app, which is easy to use, can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. By streamlining the dispatch process and making it easier for you to receive and accept jobs closest to your trucks, you’ll be setting yourself up to receive more jobs in the future. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons why you’ll be happy that you downloaded the HONK Partner app.

Smartphones have become a vital tool in the towing and roadside industry. A recent survey of more than 900 HONK Partners found that more than 90 percent use smartphones in their businesses, and more than 80 percent describe themselves as “very comfortable” with smartphones. And they’re no strangers to mobile apps either.

In addition to using the HONK Partner App daily, many Partners also rely on apps to coordinate all their dispatching and finding the best routes to customers in need of help. We rounded up a few more apps that can help the tow pro on the go.

Over the past 10 years we have seen technology change our lives in ways we never could have fathomed. Some of these technological advancements have come in smaller, less formidable forms, while others contain the power to change industries that have been around for decades.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of towing and roadside assistance. And while the industry has had several overhauls during this time, the technology presented today has the ability to change it forever. Evidence of this isn’t hard to find either, all you have to do is talk with seasoned professionals to get an idea of how things have changed.

One major way HONK differs from traditional motor clubs and insurance providers is our business model. It’s pretty apparent with our membership-free, on-demand ordering for customers — but it’s true for our Partners as well. And this means you have a hand in impacting the job calls you get and are awarded. HONK’s dispatch algorithm factors in quality score, ETA and rate when awarding jobs to available Partners — all things 100% driven by how you manage your company.