Are you new to HONK? Join one of our online “Ask Me Anything” events with HONK’s VP of Product, Steaven Rojas and Director of Product Marketing, Jackie Murphy. 

In these sessions, towing and roadside business owners new to HONK ask any and all questions that they have about our on-boarding process, how to get paid, and how our Partner App works.

Hear why Alonzo and RJ from MA Towing in Milton, Georgia have less stress and fewer time-consuming phone calls. Let me give you one hint – it’s from going digital with HONK. Listen in to another HONK Partner Series video and learn why MA Towing feels HONK is a good business tool to help grow your tow company while maintaining full dispatch control to run their business how they want.

Learn how HONK Partner Ayala’s Towing has grown its towing and roadside business with HONK. Five years ago, Ayala’s Towing purchased a new tow truck and wanted more jobs from new revenue streams. HONK helped Ayala’s Towing grow its business. One unexpected benefit was HONK’s industry-leading fast payments – complete a job and get paid the same day.   

2022 is a new year and will hopefully be a prosperous one for all tow businesses out there! We wanted to share some interesting results from our recent tow industry survey to give you some insights into what your fellow tow business owners are experiencing. 

According to an IBIS World Report from July 2021, the automobile towing industry was expected to increase by 8.5% this year. Who agrees with that estimate? In our recent Tow Industry 2021 Survey in November among HONK Partners, 43% of tow business owners agree and 45% of them are hiring more operators. 

This is great news for towing and roadside professionals and a nice way to close out 2021. It’s also a great time to reflect on HONK’s 2021 accomplishments. While it was hard to just pick 10 things for us to mention in this blog post, the work WE (HONK & our Partner Network) do together has made a difference. 

As Americans return to roads en masse, lockdown restrictions are eased and schools and offices open back up, the demand for roadside assistance is higher at this moment than it’s ever been.

While traditional motor clubs and other roadside providers are struggling to meet the demands of their clients and return to pre-pandemic service levels, HONK Technologies has had success in maintaining key performance indicators like high NPS and low ETAs throughout the last year and a half.