HONK Partner Series: NFL Towing LLC

Tiffany and her husband Arme Elliott of Mesquite, TX have always worked as members of the transportation industry. When they decided it was time to transition to a local-based lifestyle after years on the road, Arme began working for a towing and roadside company.

Leaving behind the handling of large shipments and 18 wheelers, Arme spent months learning the tools of the trade from a seasoned towing veteran. He enhanced his trucking skills through experience completing tow after tow, all while simultaneously learning the importance of customer experience. 

Arme’s work ethic eventually led to him taking the leap from towing operator to towing business owner of NFL Towing LLC. Arme and Tiffany purchased their first truck in 2018. With Arme in the driver’s seat and Tiffany prepped for dispatch, they were officially in business. 

Now almost 2 years later, NFL Towing has expanded its fleet to include 7 trucks including 5 flatbeds, 4 operators, and 2 dispatchers. Reminiscing over the beginning of their venture, Tiffany accredits their successful entrance into the industry to their ability to build meaningful relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and vendors. 

“We started building relationships with different motor clubs and focused on maintaining ETAs. We are really firm about arriving to the customer on time. HONK was the first app-based service we joined and actually the very first job we ever did.” 

Tiffany laughs as she recounts her early experiences with the app. “We love HONK, when we first got started it was really intense trying to accept as many jobs as we could when the alerts came in. My favorite part about being a HONK Partner is the convenience of direct deposit. Now, that was extra lovely. That was a great way to start. With a lot of the other clubs, you have to wait weeks for them to process the job and get paid, who wants to wait for that? But with HONK, oh it was heaven.”

With such great beginnings, NFL Towing has seen its fair share of challenges but has now encountered a new challenge with the emergence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Tiffany says they are doing what they can to keep their business afloat. So far, they’ve moved all business operations to their home and have applied for SBA loans like the Paycheck Protection Program and grants for small business owners. They’ve scaled back on their operating fleet parking 4 of the trucks for the time being due to the decrease in job volume from all their sources. 

She states 2 of her operators are out due to health concerns and the fallout of schools being closed down. “It’s scary, to be honest, all we can do is pray about it. It’s bittersweet because you don’t wish for anyone to breakdown but you want to work.” 

Wanting to spread love and positivity, Tiffany wants other towing companies and operators to know, “first and foremost during this time right here is to stay safe. Your health is #1. We are here to help our fellow community. You just have to be positive. When all of this subsides, the volume will come back booming. A lot of cars are going to be sitting and that could mean more breakdowns. Hang in there, we’ll get through this together.” 

If you are a towing or roadside operator, you can find more helpful information on our COVID-19 resources page. And while we hope most people are staying safe at home, if you are a motorist who has broken down on the side of the road, you can receive assistance 24 hours a day from one of our thousands of Partners across the country by going to honkforhelp.com or by downloading our app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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