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Breaking down in Boise can be stressful, particularly if you happen to break down in the National Forest surrounding the city. Learn how HONK gets you accurate, transparent tow truck services faster, so you don’t have to wait alone for hours waiting for help.


Traditionally, tow truck drivers can take advantage of residents or business travelers who break down on I-184 or I-84, charging them hefty rates for a tow to safety. If you belong to a membership club, you won’t see these charges. However, you can be kept on hold with a central dispatch longer than you’d like, and that’s just to request the help you need. You may have to wait for an hour for help to arrive. At HONK, we think there is a better option for drivers. We connect everyone to reliable roadside service, minus the long wait times and hefty surcharges.

HONK is free and readily available via mobile web, Android, and iOS. To request help when you need it, just open up the app or click the “Order Help Now” button above. Input some basic information about your service need and your precise location. We will then transmit that information to one of our trusted Partners in the Boise area. Within minutes, you’ll be contacted by a tow truck driver who is nearby and able to get help on the scene quickly.


We respect your time and your safety by bringing you faster roadside service. Making us the perfect app for any driver who wants reliable assistance without needing to pay up front.




HONK is able to deliver 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Boise with a nationwide network of more than 45,000 tow service partners.


Transparent and affordable

HONK’s unique up-front pricing model always indicates the maximum amount of money you would owe, before your vehicle assistance arrives. With no tips or taxes to pay, all fees associated with the cost of roadside assistance are clear and transparent.



Much of the time, HONK customers are able to get help in just 30 minutes.



We offer the same reliable coverage wherever you travel.

HONK is the perfect backup plan for all your emergency vehicle services needs, not just for towing. We aim to deliver efficient service at a competitive price for everything from a flat tire to a flatbed tow truck. Service prices begin at a mere $49, and increase with the level of service needed. No matter what your automotive needs, we will always indicate your potential charges clearly, to keep you informed.

Download HONK on all your devices today to get better, faster roadside assistance throughout Idaho and across the entire country.

Excellent service from the easy app to Andrew arriving quickly and efficiently giving my battery a jump and reducing my stress in huge amounts. I’ve already recommended HONK to my friends and they’ve loaded the app. Thanks HONK!

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Affordable 24/hr service.