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Nevada has some of the highest summer temperatures in the nation, and its interstates often travel along long stretches of rural unpopulated desert. Don’t get stuck stranded roadside in the desert with delayed Nevada roadside assistance in your hour of need. To enjoy daily peace of mind and faster assistance when it matters most, try HONK, a new free roadside assistance app. Most Nevada is desert but the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Reno and the Ruby Mountains near Elko has snow for half the year. Whether you find yourself needing a jump start in the blistering sun or with a flat tire in the mountainous snowy regions, HONK is by your side for all your roadside assistance needs.


HONK connects drivers with Nevada towing, without charging up-front fees or requiring a membership. If you’ve ever tried to get a Nevada tow truck, only to be quoted excessive fees or be told by a dispatcher that help would arrive in 60-75 minutes, you know that the existing options can be incredibly frustrating. Only HONK places a high value on your time by connecting you directly to reliable, responsive roadside assistance from Las Vegas to Reno and anywhere else in Nevada.

You can request help yourself from a smartphone, tablet or laptop — no need to call in to a dispatching service. Open the app or click the button above, describe your need for help and have the information transmitted to trusted HONK partners near you. Once you request help via the HONK app, you’ll receive a phone call or text to confirm your request and update you with an estimated time of arrival for a Nevada tow truck or roadside assistance professional. HONK will also let you know the maximum possible service charge, to keep you informed and get you a fair price.

HONK services begin at just $49 and vary by your specific needs. Whenever you use HONK, we’ll connect you to the right service provider, so you aren’t paying for a pricey tow when all you need is help getting into a locked car.


HONK revolutionizes the roadside assistance model to make it painless to get help whether you’re in a large city, in the desert or in the mountains. HONK is the perfect service option for busy students, working professionals, families and travelers throughout Nevada.


  • Affordable – We believe that everyone should be able to access affordable towing help. Service charges begin at just $49, and you’ll pay nothing until you actually need Nevada towing assistance.
  • Transparent – Unlike other roadside assistance options, HONK strives to connect you to the right level of help any time you need it, and keeps you informed with accurate estimates for service charges.
  • Reliable – HONK affiliates are reliable and trustworthy. You’ll never be price gouged by an unscrupulous driver looking to make a fast buck.
  • Everywhere – HONK provides roadside assistance throughout Nevada and nationwide, with over 45,000 tow truck partners. Use HONK to get help with rented cars, when traveling for work or play, or whenever you need help.

HONK gets you help up to 50 percent faster than other Nevada towing options. Switch to HONK today to enjoy roadside assistance without the wait.