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If you’ve ever gotten stuck on the road outside Milwaukee, you know how long it can take for roadside assistance to reach you on a crowded interstate. Matters can be even worse in remote corners of Wisconsin, where you may be waiting alone for over an hour in the bitter cold until help arrives. HONK aims to preserve your time and protect your safety with a new approach to Wisconsin towing and roadside assistance.


A free roadside assistance app, HONK connects drivers in need with Wisconsin roadside assistance, 24/7. Unlike other roadside assistance clubs, HONK assesses no up-front fees and does not place you on hold with a customer service representative in your hour of need. If you’re in Green Bay with a coveted home Packer’s game ticket at Lambeau Field, don’t let a dead battery leave you stuck on hold with an old school motor club and ruin your game day experience.

With HONK, you can request help directly from your device using the app or by simply clicking the button above – then describe your need and quickly transmit the information directly to HONK-affiliated Wisconsin towing companies nearby. Before you even order, you’ll know exactly how much services cost. If you’ve ever had to haggle with a tow truck driver about the price of a Madison tow just because the Badgers are playing, you’ll be relieved to know that HONK runs on transparency.

Prices begin at $49 and vary by the level of service needed. HONK strives to send the right type of help for your needs, so you aren’t paying for a pricey tow truck just to get help fixing a flat tire. HONK works on smartphones, laptops and desktops.


We know there are many options for Wisconsin towing assistance. However, HONK is simply a better option for people who value their time and their budget, whether driving to the Dells for vacation or driving from Madison to Milwaukee for a business meeting.


  • Affordable – With no up-front charges and services charges beginning at $49, HONK connects you to affordable Wisconsin roadside assistance in your time of need.
  • Transparent – Unlike the competition, HONK lets you know how much you can expect to pay ahead of time. All costs are transparent and tailored to the level of service you request. With HONK, you’re not paying for a tow truck when you needed emergency fuel assistance.
  • Reliable – HONK’s nationwide network of 45,000 partner trucks, including all of our Wisconsin tow truck partners, are professional, reliable and courteous.
  • Everywhere – Because HONK is nationwide, you’ll enjoy better roadside assistance in Wisconsin and when you travel outside the state for vacation or for business.

HONK is easy to use and connects you with help up to 50 percent faster than with traditional auto clubs. Stay safe and stay smart by making the switch to HONK today.