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Amaze Your Customers When They Need You Most


Incredibly Fast Roadside Assistance Reducing Costly Downtimes


Turn Your Customer’s Bad Day On The Road Into Brand-Defining Joy

Mobility Services

When Issues Hit, Turn To Fast & Reliable Roadside Assistance


Roadside Assistance Simplified

Utilize an innovative on-demand roadside assistance platform that is transforming the towing and roadside assistance customer experience, evoking the “wow” factor with its users and delivering brand-defining moments for your business. HONK’s platform-based ecosystem makes your life easier, so you can innovate faster, drive customer loyalty and gain full visibility and control – it’s your roadside assistance program, powered by HONK.

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Industry Leaders Are Switching For

Highest Customer Ratings

We put your customers at the center of the experience, to differentiate your brand and drive lifelong customer loyalty. Client NPS scores range from 85 to 95 with 25% to 35% response rates, an industry best.

Memorable Customer Experience

Our “white-glove” approach to service balances the right amount of technology with human interactions, making your customers experiences ones to remember. From optimized GPS location dispatching to a curated network of service professionals to 50% faster response times, real-time tracking, and notifications that keep your customers in the know at all times.

True Partnership

Collaborate with a team that is passionate about quality roadside assistance, solving business challenges, and creating efficiencies through innovative technology. We build strategic relationships with our clients, valuing their success. The HONK platform is extremely easy to test, evaluate and integrate with your existing systems.



Amaze your customers when they need you most

Elevate your roadside assistance customer experience with HONK. Breakdowns are inevitable. Roadside assistance is one of the most requested services and a key customer touch-point for your brand. If the customer experience fails here, your customers will seek out other brands. Make sure your brand is front and center at your customers’ moments of truth, be there when they need you and become a loyalty leader. Let HONK strengthen your brand, increase company-wide efficiencies and eliminate the stress and complexity of managing your roadside assistance program.

  • Amazing customer experience to improve customer retention
  • Happier customers so your brand receives fewer customer complaints
  • Higher satisfaction rates lead to increases in customer lifetime values


Incredibly Fast Roadside Assistance Reducing Costly Downtimes

Ensure your fleet is back on the road quickly and easily when breakdowns hit with a 24/7/365 roadside assistance platform-based ecosystem that delivers industry-leading ETAs and a curated network of over 75,000 professional service vehicles ensuring less time on the side of the road. HONK understands the importance of getting your most valuable assets back in-service fast so you don’t upset customers, and miss scheduled deliveries or appointments. HONK is roadside assistance for business continuity, happy customers and fewer complaints.

  • Increase productivity; shorten vehicle & driver downtimes
  • Faster resolutions within 31 minutes or less response times
  • Gain complete visibility into service requests


Turn Your Customer’s Bad Day On The Road Into Brand-Defining Joy

Delight customers and build stronger relationships to your brand, one breakdown at a time. Quickly and reliably save the day for your customers with a 24/7/365 roadside assistance platform-based ecosystem that delivers industry-leading ETAs, highest Net Promoter Scores® (NPS), and a connected omnichannel interface for transformational customer experiences. Let HONK power your roadside assistance so your brand can focus on your core business, building sleek, next-gen cars.

  • Offer value added services – Be there when your customers need you
  • Strengthen your brand – Deliver experiences your customers love
  • Capture additional revenue – Funnel repairs to your branded facilities

Mobility Services

When Issues Hit, Turn To Fast & Reliable Roadside Assistance

Don’t let engine issues, dead batteries, key lockouts, and flat tires ruin your customers day! With HONK, you gain access to a technology-driven on-demand roadside assistance platform that delivers industry-best ETAs (not 60 minutes like most others, 15 to 30-minute ETAs, depending on location), resulting in the highest customer Net Promoter Scores® (NPS) and happier customers, creating even greater brand affinity for your company. Turn potentially negative customer touchpoints (vehicle breakdowns) into brand-defining customer experiences with HONK.

  • Reduce vehicle downtimes from faster responses
  • Strengthen your brand with amazing customer experiences
  • Elevate your value added services with reliable roadside assistance

Logistics & More

Powering end-to-end mobility solutions to ensure reliable business continuity at every level

During the COVID-19 outbreak your business is probably facing numerous challenges you’ve never anticipated or planned for. You now need access to additional trucks, additional ways to move goods and services to meet demand, the availability of US-based support staffing and more. HONK’s robust network of over 75,000 trucks and service vehicles, streamlined digital dispatch platform, and US based contact center connects people with essential services and goods, logistical assistance with transporting supplies & containers, deliveries, supporting your customer call volume, and so much more. We’re all in this together – let us help you!

  • Utilize our nationwide network of fully equipped service providers to keep your delivery services timely and reliable
  • Streamline your dispatch operations directly from our digital platform
  • Receive reliable business continuity through our US based contact center

Key Features

Omnichannel Requests

Provide customers an easy way to request the help they need, quickly and without frustration, with integrated or standalone mobile and web technology.

Industry-leading ETAs

Turn a day-ruining catastrophe into nothing more than a bump in the road with 2 minute dispatch times and Actual Times of Arrival under 30 minutes nationwide (about 50% faster than others).

Enhanced Contact Center

Deliver a contact center experience unlike any from our fully-managed US-based facility, with 90% of calls answered in 12 seconds, live chat providing live updates every step on the way, and live map for real-time tracking even without an app.

Nationwide Coverage

An experienced network of over 75,000 professional service vehicles in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are available to help your customers 24/7.

Full Transparency

Utilize client dashboard to view the status of every incident in real-time, including service initiation/dispatch times, ETAs, ATAs, customer interactions, survey responses and more with full transparency. It’s your program, you are “in-the-know” at all times, no black-boxes.

Security & Compliance

Our service providers pass a rigorous vetting process before entering the HONK network. Insurance verifications and driver background checks are just a few things we do to ensure quality and security. The HONK platform maintains a high standard of data security best practices to ensure your information is safe and protected.

Best customer service I have ever experienced in the auto industry, this is our first car with your company and it will not be the last because of this experience. Thank you!

– Automotive company customer

You had a very quick response and the advanced technology that allowed us to follow the driver while enroute on my phone. Awesome!! You’ve left the old days in the dust…

– Insurance company customer