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Affordable 24/hr service.
When your car breaks down, commercial roadside services can be extremely slow and unreliable. HONK takes roadside assistance to the next level, with a smartphone, tablet and desktop platform that connects you with help on-demand. We promise fast, accurate, transparent tow truck services in Sitka without up-front membership costs.


Traditional tow services frequently take advantage of drivers in their hour of need. If you don’t belong to a membership club, you can expect to pay hefty prices for 24/7 tow services. If you do belong to a roadside assistance club you’ll be kept on hold for a long time before you can even request service. If you’re in Sitka, you may even need to wait for a tow for over an hour. With HONK, you can receive quick towing without having to pay exorbitant fees.

We provide 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance in across the entire country, including Alaska. To get help when you need it, open the HONK app on your laptop or smartphone or click the get help button above, type in information about where you are, and request help. You’ll receive a call from one of our 45,000 licensed tow partners to confirm your tow services and update you with an ETA.


HONK revolutionizes the roadside service model to prioritize your time and your personal safety. This platform is ideal for anyone who wants the peace of mind when needing roadside help.




With our large Partner network, we can offer 24/7 roadside help to all our customers across the Sitka area.


Transparent and Affordable

With HONK, you’ll always know what you owe. Our unique up-front pricing model shows you the maximum amount you would owe for towing services. Plus, there are no tips or taxes to pay, and you won’t have to go back and forth with the tow driver about fees.



Our customers can sometimes receive roadside assistance within 30 minutes, or at least 50 percent faster than a traditional auto club member.



We are able to be everywhere you are, including in a small city like Sitka.

HONK isn’t just for tow services. We promise the right level of service at a competitive price, so you can also use HONK to request services for a flat tire, a jump start, or anything else. Prices for services begin at $49 and vary by the level of help needed. No matter what you need help with, we’ll show you the maximum estimate ahead of time, so you can prepare.

Having a plan in place for roadside assistance keeps you safe and provides peace of mind. Get Sitka roadside assistance the smart way by switching to HONK today.

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Affordable 24/hr service.